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12 reasons to upgrade to v6

29-02-2016 13:10 - Product News
1) The eye-relaxing, dark smart User Interface and the Output Panel
It´s not just a matter of elegance, your eyes will enjoy the relaxing colours of the new interface. More than this, they will be thrilled to see the new Output Panel, showing every single content that is being played out by LiveBoard in real time. All of them!

2) The docking/undocking of panels
Work on all monitors you can connect! Haul up the dismissed monitor from your cellar and expand your visual working space. LiveBoard v6 will spread out evenly on your screens, just the way you want it. No more scrolling up and down, minimizing and shifting. Everything in front of your eyes.

3) The personalization of workspaces
Mess up the working space, mix it up, undock, redock, switch, swap, magnify, minimize.... And at the end of it, save your very personal Workspace! But what if your colleague is going to work on LiveBoard next? No worry, just do as Mary Poppins and reset to default with a snap of your fingers: everything will neatly turn back to default ... just until you switch it back to your personal workspace again. Call it magic!

4) The new graphic Engines, the parallelling of more graphical functions in OpenGL 4.x and the optimized acceleration of graphic attributes
New power, new engines that support instant real-time graphics in Broadcast quality. Check it out.
Shadows, buttons, colour changes, effects... all in ClassX Style: char by char, in real-time, no slow-downs. Ever faster.

5) The inter-operative Environment, where the templates can be shared among the different Editors
Have you ever dreamt of opening a MoreCG project in Castalia CG? Have you ever fantasized on wrapping a Castalia template on a 3D object in CoralCG? Try.

6) The opportunity to connect objects and the automatic resizing
How annoying when the shape behind a changing textbox is huge and the text is small, medium, small again, large.... but hey! That´s not a problem any more! LiveBoard v6 allows you to connect a textbox to its background shape (or any objects, in any number, groups...). Result: the text changes and the shape expands or shrinks according to it. Genius!

7) The management of automatic Layouts for single objects and groups
Oh I wanted the ranking to appear automatically with the new items entering and neatly finding their place under the previous ones... What? This is easily achievable now with v6? Without special scripts or extra plug-ins? It´s a miracle!

8) The improved Positioning Panel, that allows the Snap to Objects, Zoom on mouse and Multilevel-undo
You´ll love this panel. Zooms anywhere the mouse is scrolled, adapts to the scene when needed, allows you to snap the objects to each other... and for the first time, you can decide the position of the graphic templates from LiveBoard! As easily as shifting them up, down, to the side...

9) The new Search Content Box
For those that fill the content grids until they burst... for those who create new tabs because the default ones are not enough. For the button-maniacs, the Graphics content creation fanatics... those, for whom the finding of a particular content is a severe challenge among the myriad of buttons... No worry! Just use the dedicated Search Content Box and directly click on a result to find the content to select it, in whatever tab it is. Relief!

10) The beautiful script editor with syntax colouring
Admire the new look of the LiveBoard BeanShell Scripting environment and enjoy the syntax coloring for writing your very personal automations. Cheers!

11) The new support of fonts and languages
Finally there is the opportunity to mix LTR and RTL languages in the very same text row... Finally all languages, even the most ancient ones, are supported and have their beautyful char by char animations! Unique!

12) Groups, groups and yet more groups
Endless number of groups... no limitations... and the possibility to visualize the group contents with a quick glance by selecting the group: all related buttons on the content grid will be highlighted.

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