10 Giugno 2023
About Us - history and today

ClassX has been continuously producing professional software applications for Broadcast Graphics for over 25 years. To be precise, Michele Puccini and Giovanni Pallesi started developing desktop video applications on Amiga platform already in 1991 in Michele's garage, in a small town not far from Pisa's leaning tower, in Tuscany, Italy.
So how was the name born? The name "ClassX" came up during the early development sessions; because of the programming technologies involving "classes", whereas the "X" stands for a variable. Moreover, ClassX clearly sounded well in English and German; most customers in those times were in Germany. In 1996 both decided to leave their jobs as employees in order to found ClassX as a new company; from that time on, ClassX has ever been in the Live Broadcast Industry.

Its prime product LiveBoard is known for being a powerful yet handy and user-friendly live CG application, flexible to be used with a myriad of output devices and always up-to-date with the latest technologies. The product range is vast and covers the needs of thousands of customers who daily use ClassX Applications all over the world.
Any graphics that needs to be sent on air, from the simplest TV logo to the most complex real-time data-associated full-screen-graphic can be driven by LiveBoard and accessory ClassX Applications. In creation and output, either with ClassX proprietary Creation tools or by integrating with existing content creation systems, the flexibility and reliability of LiveBoard has no equals on the market.

ClassX Headquarters are located in a portion of a recently renovated 12th century villa, a former Carthusian monastery, surrounded by a protected forest with ancient trees. The location is not far from Pisa, in the Italian Tuscany, with its leaning tower and beautiful countrysides dear to tourists from everywhere.

The office itself is structured on two floors; the ground with a meeting/lectures room, hw assembly and testing area and sales/administration office; the upper floor is the ClassX developer's realm, with its very well exploited coffee machine and recreation area. Any open window gives clean air and sounds of nature; an ideal working environment for creative and intellectual work.

Villa Montecchio also offers ClassX the use of other facilities; the unconsecrated church hall becomes a perfect meeting room for events, shows, meetings and courses while the adjoining hall of arcs hosts the lunches and dinners.

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Today, ClassX is an IT company that develops high performance, reliable software and complex systems for graphics content management. The technology developed by our team of engineers has provided solutions to meet the needs of more than 1000 customers in many countries around the world.TV stations, Broadcasters, Government Organizations, Universities, News Agencies, Betting Channels and more are among our clients.

Our applications are specialized in the Broadcast Industry by helping to ensure a complete management of media and graphics, both for live events and for data-based automated audiovisual content workflows as well as other critical environments. Moreover, our customers can count on a reliable and flexible international sales and support network." , says Michele Puccini, CTO and co-founder of ClassX.

ClassX offers a wide range of products and solutions, from 2D/3D graphics template editors to media-rich playout systems. All software modules are developed on an open architecture and design. Based on industry standards and designed to allow maximum customization of a Broadcaster’s workflow, the ClassX platform features high-end live and automated graphics solutions, distributed architectures and seamless integration among all areas with selected third-party technologies.

The solutions for CG and graphics are the perfect blend of power, flexibility, innovation and ease of use for hundreds of satisfied customers. Our solutions ensure system scalability, return on investment and achieving robust, comprehensive and integrated workflows." Says Giovanni Pallesi, CEO and co-founder of this company.

ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

ClassX srl
c/o Villa Montecchio,
Via del Tiglio, 91 56012 Calcinaia (PI)
Tel. +39 0587 48 81 28
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