10 Giugno 2023
Data Driven Graphics - Broadcast & Production

ClassX CG Solutions: flexible and scalable

ClassX Graphics Solutions can be integrated into any broadcast production. The extreme flexibility of the ClassX CG Solutions plus their scalability makes sure that they may be fit into any workflow. Try to believe.
The world of broadcast graphics and productions has a multitude of workflows; ClassX CG workstations can integrate with either ClassX OEM or LiveBoard Applications into any of them because we have...

  • a multitude of output possibilities: SDI in Fill + Key or internal keying, NDI, VGA, Thunderbolt, ...

  • the support for all broadcast resolutions, from PAL to 4K

  • a multitude of supported SDI video output cards: BlackMagic DeckLink, Bluefish 444, AJA...

  • Picture-in-Picture on up to 10 live inputs sources, among: SDI,NDI, Spout, streaming from web...

  • multiple graphics channels from one workstation: 1 gfx channel, 2 gfx channels... up to 4 SDI fill + key feeds playing out different graphics from one ClassX CG Workstation

  • the possibility to separate template and project editing from the graphics playout machines, easy project import and export thanks to the ProjectPacker feature

  • TCP/IP, GPI, serial, switcher or human... there is a way to control every single aspect of broadcast graphics remotely and/or directly

  • easy to use, reduced learning time

  • optimized software exploiting hardware correctly

ClassX Graphic Playout also is a professional broadcast video playout. LiveBoard plays out most of the existing video codecs. Audio and video are processed synchronously in input and output.

Endless layers of video and images are supported; moreover they can be cropped, resized, squeezed, made transparent etc...

Supported import formats: tga, png, jpeg, mpg, m2p, mp4, flv, avi, divx, mxf, mp3, wma, vob, wmv, mov, wav, ...

ClassX Template Editors grab data from (almost) anywhere:

Import methods: from file, stream, URL, Datasource, Automation, TCP/IP Command, from scripting command or synthetically generated from script.

Files and data-sources that are automatically imported into the graphic templates can be of any of the following types:

- Manual (i.e. from protocol, any software communicating over TCP/IP coming from a custom application or a ClassX App)

- MS Excel

- Text file




- JSON (JSONPath query embedded)

- XML (Xquery embedded)

Gazzetta TV
Sports discussed in real-time

Gazzetta TV
Picture in Picture and Real-time Soccer Results

LiveBoard and Template Editors associated to external data explained by G. Strazzullo

The new ClassX Broadcast Applications v6 : Pip3D into a CoralCG scene. Realtime, FullHD.

ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

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