24 Gennaio 2021


For ClassX customers, here comes the opportunity to maintain the software at it´s best state.

In order to continue using the updates of platform v6, it is convenient to subscribe the annual CMA. In this way, you can always count on ClassX Support and at the same time, enjoy the latest ClassX technology and keep your software up-to-date.

At its expiration, you can re-subscribe for another year with a 15% of your ClassX installations-fee. This will give you the right to download all the available updates, upgrades and the support.

Keep your software forever young and take advantage of profesisonal support by yearly renewing your CMA. You can always keep an eye on its expiration date in your ClassX Dashboard Account.
An active CMA ensures...

  • Exclusive dedicated support
  • Updates and continuous fixes, improvements and new functionalities
  • Technical support through Skype / E-mail
  • Remote assistance
  • Best Software/Hardware configurations
  • Priority responses to error reports
  • Upgrades to new versions (Example: from v6 to v7 etc.)
  • Opportunity to do beta-testing

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