10 Giugno 2023

CastaliaCG runs a powerful 2D vector graphics engine

Innovation in every pixel.

With a complete vector engine, the extensive library of effects and a lot of built-in presets, you are free to create what you imagine.

Brilliant graphics for everyone.

The smoothest definition for your live graphics, the easiest approach to broadcast animation. Creating animated graphic templates may seem complex, but CastaliaCG makes it uncomplicated. Try to believe.

CastaliaCG text animation examples
Here is a nice example of what CastaliaCG vector graphics template editor is capable of. Note the custom curved path that the multi-language text object is following smoothly, while maintaining the correct LTR or RTL format and the character-per-character cascade effect plus animation effect.

The revolutionary software for dynamic titling, compositing, animation and graphics

With CastaliaCG, the user is not forced to learn new operating procedures but has the guarantee of the maximum reliability and stability. We work every day for creating the tools that will help you in making television graphics. Add playful effects without wasting time. Programming is a brake for inspiration.

Impressive charts.

Transform your data into compelling animated 2D bars, lines, areas or pie charts.
Automatic, flexible, complete. Ensures the WOW-effect.

The right answer for video professionals and creative enthusiasts

Surprise your audience with something new and impressive. The revolutionary software for dynamic titling, compositing, animation and graphics.

Single environment. Endless power.

Thanks to the new single environment, the access to all the settings is immediate and the new dark look makes it more comfortable to a longer use. But not only this, the Timeline with MultiKeyframe, the new Preview with integrated DataSource and the floating panels allow a full customization of the user´s workspace. The creation of new template is now easyer and faster.

Preview with DataSource. Useful.

In the previous version of the preview panel, it showed only a preview of the project. Today you can view instantly the data connected to the external datasource like TXT, XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, RSS, MDB, SQL, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Select the correct record and seee how your template will look like in an instant. Real-time.

Multi Keyframe.
Multi wins.

The new timeline is intelligent and educated by your limitless creativity. Set the desired KeyFrames on every single object´s timeline with a click. Scrub the time ruler and enjoy seeing in real-time how the engine interpolates the subsequent properties of the KeyFrames on the object. Apply effects to any KeyFrame and/or transform them into a pause. The color of the timeline is designed to improve the perception of individual KeyFrames within the workspace.

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ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

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