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ClassX Broadcast Applications 5.0

19-06-2011 17:39 - News Archive
ClassX is pleased to announce the new Suite 5.0: maximum power, with the utmost simplicity. It is currently possible.
The new Suite 5.0, represents the culmination of years of work, carried out according to a precise logic: unifying the development environment to facilitate the user experience. This purpose has led to the formation of basic concepts as the current timeline, keyframes, datasource, media management, and more generally ensuring common operability found in all ClassX products.
The orthogonal development of applications easier and halves the time to research and removal of bugs, and exponentially increases the consistency of the GUI and functions, reducing the learning curve for the user. Moreover, the various technologies introduced in this release are inherited by all ClassX software.
The platform has been modernized, ensuring compatibility with new hardware / multicore processors, and native support for 32/64 bit. The integration of the most advanced OpenGL 3.0 offers a significant speed boost, while maintaining low CPU load, ideal for HD needs.
The GUI has been greatly improved, now with a new look to ease the learning and the usability of the software, making possible access to the most important features quickly and easily. Among whom are the introduction of the search filters, undo multilevel and floating gui.
The 3D engine has been integrated into CGPlayout, LiveBoard, StealthCG, MoreCG, providing amazing performance and functionality. The new features TemplateActions in LiveBoard, allows you to create automation that can interact with any media element and audio.
LiveBoard: With LiveBoard, in new 5.0 version, we tried to improve, the better. And we succeeded. Now LiveBoard integrates effects on plugins, for a SimpleMediaPlayer Markin / Out, a new video management, with a renovated StyledTicker decoding of HTML and images, a MediaPlayer (video / capture) increased. The data source has been improved with the addition of the DataSourceID, filter records, and an environment of integrated preview. Also included audio effects-time synchronous with the graphics, while LBScript, the powerful tool that extends the power of infinity LiveBoard, is installed by default. With TemplateAction, program automation has never been so easy.
CastaliaCG: CastaliaCG is even smarter. And more concentrated. Now more than even itself. You decide, it does. With the new interface with timeline and floating panels, Multi-KeyFrame, multi edit timelines and keyframes, KeyFrameSnapPoints, everything is easier. Data sources include MySQL and SQLServer natively, and DataSourceID sort of CSV.
CoralCG: Imagine the 3D of your dreams. Learn how to be able to fulfill your every wish. With CoralCG you can. The innovative 3D titling software designed to broadcast TV and environments for all those contexts where the key word is "real time", is powerful and simple, it integrates the most advanced 3D features such as animated textures, multi-lights, import of models, shaders, camera movements and more. Accurate and comfortable user interface allows you to create animations and unpublished in modern multi-layering, through the extensive use of drag and drop. Everything happens without rendering, precalculus or waiting times, according to tradition ClassX.

Note: MoreCG is upgraded to 5.0 platform and will be completed in 2011 keeping the same guidelines of CastaliaCG and CoralCG. It will be released as a free update for those who 5.x.

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