29 Luglio 2021
ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.3

What´s in this release? Why should I upgrade?

1) Support for Output devices [FrameLinkDrivers]

- Full AJA NTV2 OEM devices support
Any resolution supported (according to card model), up to 4k
Multi-card output, full 48khz audio support, internal or external key, fill-only mode

- Full BlueFish444 OEM devices support
Any resolution supported (according to card model), up to 4k
Multi-card output, full 48khz audio support, internal or external key, fill-only mode

2) DeckLinkPIP

PIP driver is now able to redirect video inputs to SharedFrame sources.
This will enable users to make even more incredible realtime effects on Live Video.

Performance: 4 smooth FHD channels (2 key off, 1 internal key, 1 external key) in the same ClassX machine

3) In all ClassX Apps
- Added lighting fast PNG Alpha+RGB sequence exporter
- Dedicated product webpage will be opened by clicking the upper-right product icon

4) Scripting [LBControl, BeanShell, LBC, SCG]
-Added varargs (variable number of arguments) support for every command accepting a list
(i.e. LBControl.playContents("a","b","c",.....))
5) On LiveBoard and StealthCG

A - Graphics engine status display

B - Added support for Aspect ratio in Main Output Device preview panel

C - New Play-on-click feature allows to avoid unwanted mistakes when playing contents, useful for new operators

D - Added notification to user when there is at least one content on air and LiveBoard is closing

E - Ability to customize audio DeviceLink sample rate and brand new audio handling for accurate A/V synch
6) NDI® Source plugin and SharedFrame plugin

- Added pixel aspect ratio support

- Added scale-to-fit and cropping settings

- New remote protocol / LBC commands

7) CoralCG

- New camera option in order to setup the camera aspect ratio

- New camera UHD4K preset
8) SimpleMediaPlayer plugin

- Added FrameMarker support

9) Background plugin

- Added pixel aspect ratio support

- Added post process graphics attributes

- Added scale-to-fit and cropping settings

- New completely asynchronous design/resource handling

- New remote protocol / LBC commands
10) SocialServer

- Added new account "Social Feed". It allows to parse generic XML documents and convert them into messages from custom feeds
- Added support for Never.No social platform (http://www.never.no) polls and feeds
- New auto-candidate message system. Now it is possibile turn-on/off the auto candidate option for each social account separately
- Added support to 240 character messages in Twitter
11) ContentPlayout plugin

- Added new option "Play from beginning". If enabled, ContentPlayout will ignore the selected asset and it´ll start to play always the first element in the playlist

- Added the possibility to browse the playlist with UP and DOWN keys

- Added asset editing duration in multiselection mode (only for GAP and IMAGE)
12) SportsGraphics

- Hockey: added new "Team Fouls" statistic
- Boxing: Added new tournament management
- Boxing: Improvements in the user interface
- Cricket: Added new panel in Main tab to handle the batsman score and its relative adversary
- Cricket: Now you can compare the score between all batsman in team using the new button "Batsman summary".

13) LiveStadium

- Added match phases highlight
- Added game timer for each match to keep track of the goal time
14) LBScheduler

- Added the new scheduling system: more accurate than before

- Added "Elapsed" status for each item. When the item date and time elapsed, the item will be marked as "elapsed" and it will not be executed. If the item has a repetition option enabled, the elapsed status will be reset automatically according to repetition method

- Added "Execution time" for each item. It shows the item execution time
How do I get v6.3?

The keywords is as always...ClassX Maintenance Agreement (CMA)
For those who have v6 and active CMA...

What will customers with active CMA do? They´ll simply access the ClassX Dashboard with their credentials, find the "ClassX Broadcast Install 6.3.0." Download in the v6 section, install and run the new ClassX software right away. Any questions? With active CMA, ClassX support is available for you at support@classxcg.com and on skype at classx_support.

For those who have v6 but CMA has expired less than a year ago...
Purchase another year of CMA at a convenient price! Ask your classx dealer for a quote and continue enjoying another year of updates, upgrades and support for ClassX products.

For those who have v6 but CMA has expired more than a year ago...
Purchase a year of CMA at full price. Enjoy the improvements and the new features that have been added since your last update.

For those who have v5 ...
Purchase the upgrade to v6, ask your ClassX dealer for a quote.

For those who have v4 or CG Playout ...
Purchase LiveBoardv6: ask your ClassX dealer for a quote and enjoy a special discount that will transform your old licenses into brand-new ones.

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