22 Agosto 2019

ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.4 "SteelFlex"

The UHD resolutions can be set from the usual interface in the Prefs Panel. The Upgrade to UHD resolutions can be quoted by your ClassX reseller.
Technological evolution is often fused into the pulsing core of an application; it does not show up eloquently but it makes things faster, easier, more straightforward.

We redesigned our graphic engines in order to become faster, more powerful and most efficient for being able to play out graphics up to 4K UHD resolution. 4Kp60 is fully supported on multiple video cards. 16 ch audio are supported at 48KHZ. We implemented OpenGL parallel stream design, up to 5 times faster than before.

Moreover, the new and noteworthy on drivers and integration in a list:

- AJA NTV2 support [all models]

- Bluefish444 support [all models]

- BlackMagic redesigned drivers

- NDI 3.7

- IP 2110 on Bluefish444, AJA

- ForA TB2 audio support

- BlackMagic PIP can now capture to SharedFrame for special FX
There also are new features that will make your broadcast-graphics-life easier, such as...

- new hw accelerated preview monitor

- new LiveBoard "Play on Click" feature

- new hw accelerated VGA output device

- new DataSource support for Oracle DB

- new audio engine, direct to video FrameLinkDriver with mix/preview support

- new hw accelerated video engine (to be included in the final 6.4)

- new ContentPlayout controls for manual playlist handling

- new ContentPlayout Template content: ContentPlayout can be used as a playlist

- new extended Unicode text support; the GUI of ClassX Applications can now show all language characters
The optimized graphic engine allows the installation of ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.4 on heavy duty gaming laptops for 4K UHD resolution outputs
Content Playout can now be fed with bare templates, transforming it into a manual or automatic "Playlist"
LiveBoard GUI showing Khmer and English fonts

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