22 Aprile 2019

ClassX ProjectPacker

ClassX ProkectPacker is a very smart, useful app for exporting and importing LiveBoard and/or Template Editor projects
The easiest way to share a project or a template. The best solution for workflows that separate the graphic creation from the graphics output. You will wonder how you could live without our ProjectPacker in your earlier life...
Project Export
The ProjectPacker interface when analyzing the project to export
ProjectPacker is embedded in the ClassX Apps: LiveBoard, CastaliaCG, MoreCG and CoralCG can pack or unpack projects from their "File" menu
Stand-alone or embedded
The time has finally come and ClassX users will get with their update to 6.4 this gorgeous new application. It exists in two forms: either as a stand-alone version, to be found in the usual ClassX Applications folder, or embedded in the LiveBoard, CastaliaCG, MoreCG and CoralCG Apllications.
The Stand-Alone version of ProjectPacker allows you to pack and unpack projects without the need to open the LiveBoard or Template Editor applications
Project Import
The ProjectPacker interface when analyzing the project to import

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