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ClassX does Cricket!

20-08-2017 17:52 - Product News
Enjoy titling a Match with the NEW ClassX SportsGraphics Cricket!

ClassX SportsGraphics Cricket is a simple and efficient software for airing live Cricket Match titles in real-time. Maximum quality, maximum results. Intuitive and easy to use (and to learn)! Select the player, press the right button and his lower-third is on-air. Manage either a Twenty20 or a First Class Cricket; the user interface will change accordingly.

2D od 3D? Create your own templates with our Template Editors: use MoreCG bitmap editor for amazing effects on bitmap images, CastaliaCG for neat and razor-sharp vector animations or our 3D Editor CoralCG for astonishing 3D effects.

Eager to go on-air? No time to make your own personalized templates? You have no ClassX Template Editors? Use the default ones, they´re included and will make a brilliant show.

The SportsGraphics Cricket App has three sections, just as the other ClassX SportsGraphics

- Setup: insert players, coaches and logos before the game. Save precious time by importing data from Excel, CSV, RSS, Database, XML...

- Main: you´ll find here the buttons for the main graphics, scores, timers, intros, statistics and lower thirds

- Extra: speakers, journalists, directors... create all the custom buttons you wish!

Do I necessarily need to have LiveBoard in order to run the ClassX SportsGraphics?
No, there is a Stand-Alone version that allows you to manage the whole match with the first-class standard graphics that are included. You can decide to upgrade your system later if you feel so.

I want to personalize every single graphic content! What do I need?
You´ll need the ClassX graphic template Editors (for editing/modifying templates) and LiveBoard (for editing/modifying the Plug-ins).

Can I add extra templates and contents?
Yes, with LiveBoard, its numerous plugins and the Template Editors, you can create new templates or Plug-in contens and trigger them from the SportsGraphics Interface (just add the new buttons to the "Extra" page...).

ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

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