22 Aprile 2019

Configuration Guide

Bios Settings
Disable Hyper Threading for processors with more than 8 physical cores: enter the Bios by pressing “Del” at startup and find the Hyper Threading feature in the Processor options and disable it.
Windows Settings
• Disable the screensaver (Control Panel/Display Properties /Screensaver/None)

• Enter Power Management (Control Panel/Power Options) and switch to “High performance”, moreover set “Put the computer to sleep” to “Never

• If your computer has at least 8GB RAM, disable virtual memory (right click on "My Computer/Advanced/
Performance/Settings/Advanced/Virtual Memory/Change/No Page File")
Media Settings / Audio / Video
- Install LAVFilters for the decoding media files of popular formats

- Install Newtek Codecs in order to create and use AVI files with alpha-channel

- Install the Newtek NDI® Tools for using the NDI® Technology

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