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22 Ottobre 2020
What is LiveBoard?

LiveBoard is the choice of thousands of professionals around the world who all have in common the same need: sending on air real-time graphics in broadcast quality.

The challenge of LiveBoard is creating smooth graphics with embedded audio in real-time in Key and Fill.

Is LiveBoard for graphics only? Of course not, it also is a professional tool for playing out most of the existing video codecs. Audio and video are processed synchronously in input and output.
Endless layers of video and images are supported; moreover they can be cropped, resized, squeezed, made transparent etc.
Supported import formats: tga, png, jpeg, mpg, m2p, mp4, flv, avi, divx, mxf, mp3, wma, vob, wmv, mov, wav, ...

Perfectionists at work: LiveBoard makes the best shades of transparency

LiveBoard and its perfect transparency: pre-multiplied alpha blending

LiveBoard achieves its high quality CG-reputation also thanks to the blending technology that ClassX developers have used from the very beginning: pre-multiplication of the alpha. Meaning that the FILL channel that we mentioned above has a specific feature:

The values of the RGB components (our "fill") are, as the name implies, premultiplied by the alpha component - with premultiplied alpha the color information also carries the values of pixel’s opacity. You can find more information on the theory of this here, it is explained exquisitely in the blog of Bartosz Ciechanowski.

In terms of final result, this alpha-premultiplication results in perfect transparency of partially and non-partially transparent shades that tend to complete transparency, such as flares. No strangely colored halos, no ugly artifacts will ruin the final result of your real-time broadcast graphics because LiveBoard makes sure with this technology that any transparent pixel stays as such and has no interfering RGB colour when the switcher blends the alpha channel (the "key") with the RGB channel (the "fill") that LiveBoard creates for every single frame.

Find out which product satisfies your broadcast needs among the LiveBoard family. Compare the different LiveBoard versions in the below table and find out which one is the best for you. All the members of the LiveBoard family are able to play out real-time live broadcast-quality graphics in perfectly blended transparency.

Legend to LiveBoard family Product comparison
Graphic User Interface The application has a GUI (graphic user interface) for managing manually the creation of projects and the playout of graphics. Very simply, it is the classical LiveBoard interface with the Contents Grid, the Positioning Panel, the Plugins, the various panels that manage the Content settings, properties and external data handling.
Basic LB Plugins The basic LB Plugins are: Clock, Digital Clock, Image, Karaoke, Timer, Media Text, NDI® Source, Screen Capture, Shape, SharedFrame, Simple Media Player, Slide Show and Ticker.
Full LB Plugins The Full LB Plugins are: Chart, Clock, ContentPlayout, Digital Clock, Image, Karaoke, Timer, Media Player, Media Text, Screen Capture, Shape, SharedFrame, Simple Media Player, Slide Show, NDI® Source, Styled Ticker, Text Show and Ticker.
ClassX Templates supported That means that you may load graphic templates created with ClassX Editors into the contents grid of LiveBoard i.e. graphic templates created with CastaliaCG, CoralCG or MoreCG.
Full Script support for complex automation Advanced scripting environment, open to customization. You may create graphic automations and send any TCP/IP commando or even write your own app into LiveBoard, in BeanShell language in a simplified programming environment.
Contemporary playout of more than 1 ClassX Template content That means that you may play out endless numbers of graphic template contents at the same time. This is useful for instance for creating L-bands, complex bloomberg graphics etc.
Basic remote TCP/IP LBControl There is a long list of TCP/IP based so-called LBC ("LiveBoard Control") commands that can be sent to any LiveBoard family member. E.g. for triggering playout of a loaded content, pause a specific content, trigger a timer etc.
Full remote TCP/IP control by Automation The full remote TCP/IP control means that you may load LiveBoard projects, modify them, and do every single action that an operator sitting in front of the GUI would do but remotely, by automation.
Contemporary playout of endless plugin contents There are endless layers, no limits to the numbers of Basic or Full LB plugins that you may insert into a project and play out at the same time.
Basic scripting (FrameMarkers) You can add special FrameMarkers to the video contents or graphic templates loaded into LiveBoard. The basic command is "pause" but you may add a wide range of commands, such as the triggering of a different content, the loading of a different PIP present etc.

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