04 Marzo 2024

CoralCG has a real-3D vector graphics engine

Single environment.
Immediate results.
Innovation in front of you.

Thanks to a single environment, everything is immediate and fast. Build your 3D graphics by using the advanced primitives and your preferred animated textures. Zero wait state.

Dynamic per-pixel lighting and shaders.

Enrich your scenes with lights, objects, 3D texts. The built-in GLSL shaders will sculpt and make them shine as never before. Top quality. Always guaranteed.
CoralCG text animation effects

3D shapes: just a few clicks to be productive.

An easy-to-use graphic user interface allows you to create attractive 3D shapes with a huge number of tools and options. Including incredible real-time animated charts.

Advanced texture handling.

Textures can be anywhere. They can come from live video sources or from the web. The richest set of features you can imagine is here to let you explore new ways to do your 3D.

The power of 3D graphics in real time, for everyone.

An advanced textures-engine will manage the looks of your 3D models. It lets you use and combine various kinds of texture types: animated from video, static from image and even LIVE from an NDI® or SharedFrame input source. It also fully supports alpha channel to create incredible animated effects. CoralCG also contains a comfortable built-in textures library, that you can use for fast model creation. It lets you use a lot of pre-defined textures or add your own, everything using just drag&drop.

It´s time for Elastic Keyframes.

Keyframing can be a tedious task even for skilled animators. Our timeline is intelligently driven by your creativity. You can create flexible animations, apply per-part effects in a fraction of a second. The color of the timeline is designed to improve the perception of individual Keyframes within the workspace. Simply innovative.

Advanced 3D text

An easy-to-use user interface allows you to access to a great number of advanced text features: font, extrusion, layout alignment, spacing and a lot more. Connect it to external datasource like XLS, XML or database to change the text content in real time. You can even animate your text through character level accessing.

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