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In the studios of Unidea: ClassX graphic for Rai Sport and beyond

20-06-2013 18:08 - Press Releases
Unidea is one of the most important companies in Italy in the landscape of communication, broadcasting and major events. Its core business ranges from creative and editorial projects to the realization and production of television graphic formats for sports events to major television networks, both multi medial and satellite.
Fabio Pastore is the sole owner of Unidea, Alessio Viscione is responsible for coordination and technical director in Rome, while Fabio Vettrice performs the same functions in the Milan area.
After opening around 2000, TV production made by Unidea has expanded considerably in recent years involving the whole Italian territory. An integral part of the structure is formed by a team of professional experts spread all over the country that form, in practice, a network of operators to which Unidea provides turnkey equipments capable to guarantee high quality standards and tv service.

Fabio Pastore says: "We mainly use ClassX software solutions because they are able to harmonize reliability and functionality, allowing us to cover all requirements for small and large-scale production of live graphics." Red or Black, for example, was a production for Magnolia RAI where we used on a massive scale software made in Italy by ClassX interfacing with Pandora, a system designed for the visualization of ledWall video contents in real time, bound over optical fiber. We used ad-hoc scripts to create an advanced game show involving the automation of solid state objects.
In TV show as Miss Italia were implemented, however, live voting systems through the development of touch screens softwares and applications capable to collecting the preferences expressed by the jury and to provide real-time results of preferences.

Recently, Unidea made the shoot of all the rugby matches broadcasted by Sport Italia while for Radio Italia, during the important concert in Piazza Duomo (in June), made the production and playout of the entire section of info-graphics using ClassX softwares.
Unidea is concerned with broadcast playout services but also offers mere creativity, that is the artistic creation of graphic contents also using 3D mapping, which is a very emphatic projection of images on very large surfaces, such as buildings.
The company specializes mainly in the broadcast industry where, thanks to advanced know-how and a team of experienced professionals, offers high-level graphics solution, 3D, and motion graphics.

Rai Sport 1 and Rai Sport 2

In the sports world, Unidea is active in all major productions of Italian state broadcaster, RAI Sport 1 and Rai Sport 2, such as football, cycling, basketball, rugby, Formula 1, water polo, but also the billiards and tennis.
About the soccer sport, the flagship programs are "La Domenica Sportiva", "Sabato Sprint", "90esimo Minuto", in addition to the production of all the events of the National Team, the Pro League, the Under 21. The studio productions are made, for example, at the production center of Rai Milan and also in Rome at RAI Saxa Rubra, where Unidea workstations are permanently installed and operated 24H for the two national sports channels.

Here different technicals follow the many transmissions and take turns during the day creating graphics in HD and SD, still using ClassX software.
The most used software by Unidea is definitely CastaliaCG that allows you to create advanced 2D graphics contributions; CoralCG, for example, is used massively for the realization of 3D objects with productions such as "La Domenica Sportiva Estate". Finally LiveBorad allows you to playout all graphic contents, as audio and video connected to external data sources.
In case of sports events broadcasting, such as basketball or cycling, the graphic templates that is usually supplied by the event organizer, is transferred to the ClassX graphics production software as CastaliaCG or CoralCG and the subsequently broadcasted via the ClassX Sport Graphics software. The operator has an easy to use interface where it can dynamically choose the type of contributions to put onair, depending on what happens on the match.

Alessio Viscione intervenes: "The keys of success of ClassX software are the flexibility and usability, allowing you to achieve very fast results. We´ve used them since 2006 and specifically for over a year in all RAI sports productions.

In this long period of time I also tried other competitor softwares, but in my opinion, is no doubt one of the best thanks to a powerful graphics engine and a very simple to user interface. Specifically, CastaliaCG offers intuitive tools for processing graphics that make the creation of graphic templates a painless operation. It is a kind of After Effects for motion graphics that allows you to make animations with a large amount of built-in effects and preset.
CoralCG largely shares the tools and operativity of CastaliaCG but integrating fully three-dimensional objects and positioning environment.

For the playout, the contents playlist is always ready but, especially in the sports productions, the changes can´t be predicted and Liveboard is very comfortable thanks to a solid framework that allows you to create a customer automatic operations and to add custom features in a second. An useful example is the importing of real-time data as CSV or XLS from a website of specific sports federation concerned to create ranking. The ClassX open graphics platform allows us to do this and more. "

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