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01 Aprile 2020

Installation Guide

This is your Quick Guide to installing the ClassX software and correctly activate your licenses.

After purchase, ClassX will send you two important e-mails, keep them for future reference:
1) the e-mail with your Dashboard credentials

Dear customer,

please find below your access codes to your personal area in the ClassX Dashboard:
Credentials License Manager - ClassX
Password: 12345abc

Best regards,
ClassX Sales
2) the e-mail with your License – serial codes

Dear customer,
your licenses are shown below:

Product name: MORECG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#1234
Password: Q12F34FF4JJ5677K
License type: USB
Product name: CASTALIACG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#2345
Password: 1WY666RR55GG4418
License type: USB
Product name: CORALCG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#3456
Password: A11S4D55FF6TT7YY
License type: USB
Product name: LIVEBOARD_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#4567
Password: 8PP9OO77II8UYTU7
License type: USB
Best regards,
ClassX Sales

There are some stringent hardware and system requirements for running our software + licenses:

- NVIDIA graphic board for gaming
- performant processor
- Windows10
- No Windows Remote Desktop control of the demo unit possible (you may use TeamViewer or Supremo Control)

Please, take your time and check out the System Requirements and Configuration Guide.

Please access the ClassX Dashboard with your credentials, that ClassX send you, and find the App Download section.
In the Dashboard, access your App download section

In the v6 section, download and install “ClassX Broadcast Install 6.x.y ” (approx. 300 MB).
Please accept installation of JAVA and VCREDIST at 32 and 64bit.

Further, if you have purchased other products, you'll have to download a specific "install":

- LiveStadium

- SportsGraphics for Baseball, Basket, Billiard, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Handball, Hockey, Kart, Motocross, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volley, Waterpolo...

- LiveBoard Mini

- MOS for MosServer, MosGateway, MosActiveX

- OEM for LiveBoard SCG, StealthCG

Download “” (132,94 MB):
unzip it, copy the “shared” folder and paste it directly into your ClassX distribution folder, in “ClassX_Applications_v6”. Follow the path “C:ClassX_Applications_v6”.

If you need other Sports resources, download a specific "" folder and "".
Again, just unzip them, copy the “shared” folder and paste it directly into your ClassX distribution folder, which is within “ClassX_Applications_v6”.

You will find the executables in "C:ClassX_Applications_v6"

IMPORTANT: in order to register a software, you must run it as administrator. Press the right mouse button and select "run as administrator".

Use your Dashboard Access Credentials and the specific serial codes provided by ClassX. Every product for which you have serial numbers has to be registered separately with this procedure.

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