29 Luglio 2021
Support >>Installation and Configuration guide

This is a step-by-step guide to the download and installation of your ClassX software (Demo and non) and to the correct activation of your licenses.

Please make sure you have the correct system on which you install ClassX Applications, also you may check the system requirements here.

There are some stringent hardware and system requirements for running our software + licenses:

- NVIDIA graphic board - mandatory
- performant processor
- Windows10 - mandatory
- No Windows Remote Desktop control of the demo unit possible (you may use TeamViewer or Supremo Control)

Please access the ClassX Dashboard with your credentials, that ClassX send you, and find the Download section.

After purchase or if you requested a DEMO license, ClassX support will send you the following information, store it for future reference:

1) your Dashboard credentials

Dear customer,

please find below your access codes to your personal area in the ClassX Dashboard:
Credentials License Manager - ClassX
Username: name@mail.com
Password: 12345abc

Login: http://www.classxcg.com/dashboard
Best regards,
ClassX Sales
2) your Licenses
  • serial codes and passwords if you have a USB dongle
  • serial codes only if you have a NETWORK TYPE of license

Dear customer,
your licenses are shown below:

Product name: MORECG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#1234
Password: Q12F34FF4JJ5677K
License type: USB
Product name: CASTALIACG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#2345
Password: 1WY666RR55GG4418
License type: USB
Product name: CORALCG_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#3456
Password: A11S4D55FF6TT7YY
License type: USB
Product name: LIVEBOARD_600
Serial code: 001234-1234-0001#4567
Password: 8PP9OO77II8UYTU7
License type: USB
Best regards,
ClassX Sales

Access your ClassX Dashboard account

Once inside your Dashboard account, access the Download section

In section 1] you find the most up-to-date ClassX Applications. The sections underneath contain the single software installations that you need.

PLEASE NOTE: you will also need to download and install the "Runtime" that will install the correct version of VCredist at 32bit and 64bit onto your computer
  • For LiveBoard and the Template Editors, download and install “ClassX Broadcast Install 6.x.y ”
PLEASE NOTE: if you are installing LiveBoard and the Template Editors for the first time into your system, you'll need to install the Basic_broadcast_resources.zip that you find in the download menu, section 4], Resources.

Download “Basic_broadcast_resources.zip”, unzip it and copy and paste the unzipped folder into your "C" drive (or on whichever drive you have installed ClassX_Broadcast_Applications_v6)

Download ClassX_Broadcast_Install.exe for LiveBoard, LiveBoard LE and for the template editors CastaliaCG, MoreCG, CoralCG. Also the Free ClassX Apps are contained in this package, namely the ClassX Apps that need no license (ProjectPacker, NewsEditor, PageRecall, MediaConverter, ProductActivator etc.

MANDATORY! It is absolutely necessary that you download and install the Runtime; the download zip file contains the VCRedist of the correct versions for the downloaded ClassX Applications. Please unzip and install them each, make sure you install both the 32bit and 64bit versions!

If this is the first installation of ClassX Applications, you need to download this Basic_Broadcast_Resources.zip file. Unzip it and you will find a "shared" folder that you need to simply copy and paste into C:\ClassX_Applications_v6

This is important for having the effects and assets needed in all Broadcast Apps of ClassX

Use your Dashboard Access Credentials and the specific serial codes provided by ClassX. Every product for which you have serial numbers has to be registered separately with this procedure.

Whenever you're activating a DONGLE type of license, you need to click onto the USB button and you'll need to enter the password to associated to the serial code that ClassX will provide you.

You will find the executables in "C:ClassX_Applications_v6"

IMPORTANT: in order to register a software, you must run it as administrator. Press the right mouse button and select "run as administrator".

Please install the accessory software and tools in the following precise order.
In the ClassX Dashboard, in "Tools" section, you can find and download the last versions of these ones.

1) Install LAVFilters for the decoding media files of popular formats

2) Install the Newtek NDI® Tools for using the NDI® Technology and its tools

3) Install Newtek Codecs in order to create and use broadcast-quality AVI files with alpha-channel

From the ClassX Dashboard, in "Drivers" section, you can also download the correct versions for the video card drivers.

Bios Settings

Disable Hyper Threading for processors with more than 8 physical cores: enter the Bios by pressing “Del” at startup and find the Hyper Threading feature in the Processor options and disable it.

Windows Settings

• Disable the screensaver (Control Panel/Display Properties /Screensaver/None)

• Enter Power Management (Control Panel/Power Options) and switch to “High performance”, moreover set “Put the computer to sleep” to “Never”

• If your computer has at least 8GB RAM, disable virtual memory (right click on "My Computer/Advanced/
Performance/Settings/Advanced/Virtual Memory/Change/No Page File")
Media Settings / Audio / Video

If you need particular documentation according to your type of license, please contact us!

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