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01 Aprile 2020
Certified with your favorite NCS
Plug ClassX Graphics into your NCS workflow with one of the most complete and flexible MOS implementations on the market

Full ActiveX™ support
Created with ease in mind, ClassX MOS implementation provides full ActiveX™ support enabling journalists to remotely browse templates, edit text and replaceable images and movie files, preview their graphics and insert them into stories directly from within the news production system software.
Prepared to produce Graphics
A dedicated graphics server is capable of handling any number of users always giving true real-time preview of graphics and users operated datachanges. You save money and time while boosting productivity.
The fastest Gateway to graphics perfection
ClassX MOS Gateway offers more that you can imagine. The same Gateway will handle multiple channels, always giving you the accurate control of the situation. Even more, operators can trigger graphics both automatically and manually. The user-interface is straightforward and gives you the ability to check it.
Complete and easy to understand workflow
ClassX MOS implementation is based on ClassX engines to give the best and most reliable MOS experience. Being based on the ActiveX standard, it integrates flawlessly into any MOS compliant NCS. Flexibility is a must for us. Any workflow will be suitable for ClassX MOS.

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