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16 Gennaio 2021

MoreCG has a 2.5D bitmap graphics engine

No need for extra software

The particular organization of the user interface, combined with the flexibility of the program, allow to create animations of objects that are totally independent of each other.
Create all the KeyFrames you need, change their properties and enjoy the interpolation that the Graphics Engine does for you.

Professional titling with a bitmap graphics engine.

Use the 2.5 D environment with rotation, motion and scale on Z axis. Simulates 3D when needed. Object texturing and lighting are included.

MoreCG text animation examples

Preview with DataSource. Useful.

In the previous version of the preview panel, it showed only a preview of the project. Today, you can instantly view instantly the data connected to the external datasource like TXT, XLS, CSV, XML, RSS, MDB, SQL, JSON and so on. No errors with the new MoreCG, for sure.

Effects for text and timeline.
All the power you want.

Multi-font text and multiple effects. Two types of graphic rendering modes so all languages can be rendered correctly. No limit. All the effects you want. Apply your favorite effect on the text and timeline. Single object: maximum efficiency.

Choose your Texture for each object.

In MoreCG, you can set a different texture for each object. The textures can come, shapes, videos, SharedFrame, Screen Capture, NDI Souce... No boredom with the new MoreCG, guaranteed.

Choose your Light Souce for the whole Scene.

In the real world, we perceive colours derived from a combination of the physical properties of an object, the type of light source shedding light on it and the point of view from which that object is observed.
If a light beam encounters a surface, the manner and direction of the reflected light depends on the nature of this area. Choose the desired light source and textures for your MoreCG objects and enjoy the realistic effects that you can obtain!

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