04 Febbraio 2023

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ClassX-Antilatency: excellent results partnership
LiveBoard XR users can now use a simple and straightforward tracking system, either for following a broadcast camera position in space or for tracking a person or an object in a certain area covered by the Antilatency emitters-sensors system.

ClassX-CuePilot: a new flawless, powerful integration
ClassX and CuePilot have entered a technological partnership that will allow ClassX + Cuepilot users the benefits of a close and easy-to use integration: Cuepilot handles the creation of easy to manage, yet complex timelines for LIVE events. LiveBoard graphics are triggered/paused/stopped by prec...
New ClassX Applications v.8: a great leap ahead for broadcast graphics
[New version 8 interface]
The new version 8 of ClassX Broadcast Applications is an incredible mix of genius and power. While maintaining the same graphic user interface of its previous edition, the new LiveBoard 8 has additional controls in the upper toolbar that allows to handle the four, totally independent and asynchro...
Discover step by step the 6.6 tempting news
6.6. expresses in a simple number twenty years of experience in creating cutting-edge applications and solutions for graphics in the Broadcast field. The modernization and update of the functionalities that already started with the previous versions, finds consolidation and concretization in this...
New ClassX Applications version 6.5 Stronghold
Think of a rock-steady huge medieval fortification made to be steady throughout the AGES, constructed and widened over time by sapient and far-sighted minds. This is what LiveBoard has become in over 20 years of growth thanks to ClassX Developers continuously shaping and broadening it according t...
Broadcast and live Chroma Key your Skype calls with LiveBoard
Great success of our software chroma keyer solution and its various applications inside a ClassX CG solution! Set your favourite background behind your skype caller and enjoy the output... This solution was presented at the TBS96 Open House in Tirana, in November 2019.

YouTube link to the ChromeKey - Skype demo

Good news from the ClassX Dashboard!
Brand new video tutorials with detailed explanations on the LiveBoard GUI, the use of plugins, on our graphic template editors and on SocialServer, SocialPlayer and LBScheduler!
You'll also find the up-to-date user manuals of the ClassX Applications. LiveBoard, CastaliaCC, MoreCG, CoralCG and many...
ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.4 "SteelFlex"
Technological evolution is often fused into the pulsing core of an application; it does not show up eloquently but it makes things faster, easier, more straightforward.

We redesigned our graphic engines in order to become faster, more powerful and most efficient for being able to play out graphics...
ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.3
Jan 26th 2018: ClassX starts the year with the immediate release of ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.3 "Rockwell"

"ClassX Broadcast Applications may be thought of just like A LIVING creation, growing and improving day by day thanks to the time, the energy, the efforts and the passion of our enginee...
ClassX does Cricket!
Enjoy titling a Match with the NEW ClassX SportsGraphics Cricket!

ClassX SportsGraphics Cricket is a simple and efficient software for airing live Cricket Match titles in real-time. Maximum quality, maximum results. Intuitive and easy to use (and to learn)! Select the player, press the right butto...
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ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

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