03 Ottobre 2022

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

We have combined the best of existing technology and set a new goal of perfection. This means that you can capture live SD/HD video, apply PiP or DVE effects and get an output of exceptional broadcast quality with 3D SD/HDgraphics, AV sync with no frame latency. You don´t need anything freaky or expensive, but a BlackMagic DeckLink video card. The software makes the difference.

Live video over or under the graphics. You choose.

Place the video input where you want and choose the visual priority. It has never been easier than this. Get guaranteed, frame accurate capture for perfect AV sync. SD or HD video output without any trouble. Choose any format for your input video. Maximum compatibility and performance with field-aware.

Remote control via script or PiP Manager for dynamic DVE

DVE effects are fully controllable via script or PiP Manager; the latter with an easy to use, mixer-friendly interface. Spectacular effects with programmable interpolation. Choose a reliable solution for your business: integrating ClassX graphics is even easier than you think. Sit back and get creative. You don´t need to think of anything else.

Picture in Picture general features

GPU Hardware acceleration

Remote control either with PiP Manager or script

Easy cropping of the live feed

The captured live input can be played to SharedFrame and output simultaneously

Easily set the resize speed

Up to 4 Picture in Picture inputs can be managed separately

Based on BlackMagic DeckLink cards

Up to 4K resolution supported

PIP Manager

It looks like a mixer but it is something more.
Manage and put on air up to 4 Picture in Picture with a single button.

Picture in Picture Manager integrates within a simple and easy-to-use interface, a strong virtual mixer able to control up to 4 live video sources and store up to 8 fully customizable presets. See the best 2D/3D graphics synchronized with amazing DVE effects based on interpolation movement. This and much more on PiP Manager.

Full management of independent multi-layer video inputs

Easy to use - personalize and create up to 8 Presets

Connected and integrated with ClassX graphics playout

Settings always visible: one glance and you know the situation
Seems you have a professional mixer in front of your eyes, but you´ll be just watching your desktop. Configure the eight available presets and take the action. Configure the remoteconnection port with the graphics playout to control. All members of the LiveBoard family are perfectly integrated with the ClassX PIP Manager. Apply amazing interpolation-based effects. Choose the acceleration, the speed and combine the effects with the Picture in Picture size. Select the preset button and configure it to suit your needs. Length, width, transparency, volume, FadeIn, FadeOut, High quality.... and more. All included.

ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

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