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16 Gennaio 2021

QuickTime Converter does not work, what can I do?

29-10-2018 - FAQ
QuickTime Converter works only if there is JAVA VM installed (32 bit, version 8 and above) AND QuickTime 7.

You can download the JAVA 8 VM at 32 bit from the Oracle website here:

NOTE: If you already have a version of QuickTime installed and your Converter does not work, you must uninstall it first from Windows -> Control Panel -> Programs and functions.

QuickTime 7 is a EOL product. You can download it from the ClassX Dashboard, in the "App download" -> "Tools" area. When installing it, it is MANDATORY to select "custom installation" (not Standard!) and select to install "QuickTime for JAVA".

QuickTime Converter will convert your mov video into AVI videos. We suggest to use NewTek codec 4:2:2:4-alpha in order to maintain perfect quality, transparency and control over every video frame with ClassX Template Editors. Newtek codecs must be previously installed in the workstation; they can be downloaded for free form the NewTek website.

You don't need to convert mov files that you want to play out directly with LiveBoard since it already is able to play out mov files directly.

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