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Real-time broadcast graphics that excites at IBC 2014

20-06-2014 18:44 - News Archive
Technology for real-time brodcast graphics that excites.
ClassX, global provider of advanced systems for graphics content management, will showcase the brilliant evolution of its innovative CG products at IBC 2014. Don´t miss the opportunity to test drive the wide range of products and solutions, from 2D/3D graphics template editors to media-rich playout systems enhanced with MOS compatibility.
Come to see the brand new state of art social platform, improved with Spredfast (MASS POLL) and Parterre integration, a completely new exciting way to grab the emotions of your audience in real-time.
There´s so much more to discover as the new Motocross app, the new graphics packs, the new innovative graphics over IP interface for NewTek products created with the aim to automate ClassX graphics contents with Tricaster macros.
Say hello to the new world-wide partners. Pebble Beach, AP ENPS and a lot of new companies and TVs are now part of the ClassX Network.
We look forward to showing you our latest technologies and development in the Hall 8, Booth A74.
new icon A complete and reliable social platform. Even more social addicted.
Now SocialServer lets you connect to social networks like never before. View and filter Twitter, Facebook and Instagram messages. Engage your audience using SMS or WhatsApp. Take the power from Spredfast streams and manage your social data with the simplest drag´n´drop gestures. Parterre, included.
Six social platforms and brilliant user interface merge, forming a reliable and comprehensive social platform. Just click the social icon and add new accounts. Then reload the messages and off you go. Easier to use and today even more capable. There´s so much more to see at a glance.
ClassX and MOS. Brilliant connected together.
Created with ease in mind, ClassX MOS implementation provides full ActiveX™ support so that users can browse, preview and edit templates in TRUE realtime, with the actual resolution. A dedicated Graphics Server will provide graphics templates, previews and editing facilities to many users at the same time. You save money and time while boosting productivity.
ClassX MOS Gateway offers more that you can imagine. The same Gateway will handle multiple channels, always giving you the accurate control of the situation. Even more, operators can trigger graphics both automatically and manually. The user-interface gives you the ability to check connected MOS devices, stories, items and even graphics metadata. Perfection exists.
new icon Be the "Deus Ex Machina" with the new NewTek AirSend interface.
Thanks to a simple network connection between ClassX and TriCaster/3Play products, now you can fire TCP/IP commands from the built-in NewTek Macro Editor Interface to our live graphics playout in order to start/stop or even edit single fields of CG pages (why not, even when they´re onair).
The ClassX Interface delivers the manageability and security that NewTek users need in order to conduct realtime shows with confidence. Its versatile features allow NewTek users to easily work and play with realtime graphics from one single workstation without operating the external graphics playout.
new icon Graphics packs for powerful channel branding. Ready to use, free.
The graphics packs are supplied by default with any ClassX applications and they rappresent the ideal solution to achieve the best audiences ever with new stunning real-time graphics.
Sports, News, Weather, Social, Election, 24h Information, Charts, Crawl and much more. The best solution that fits your budget and your needs, to boost the channel appearance.
LiveBoard Light Edition. The best cost effective graphics playout.
LiveBoard LE welcomes you with a friendly interface: each setting is easily accessible. Everything you do is lightning fast. If you can imagine it, you can do it.
Create the smoothest crawls with colorful images, videos and RSS/HTML texts. Apply effects on plugins, use the MediaPlayer with MarkIn/MarkOut. This and much more.
Plug yourself into a new media experience with ContentPlayout.
Create your media playlist (any codec accepted) and synchronize graphics and data with the ease of a modern and innovative user interface. Completely frame-synched and therefore can switch from clip to clip with a zero delay.
Everything is so smooth and easy and Media-driven automation becomes a child´s play with ContentPlayout. It´s just graphics automation with ClassX style, at lowest price ever! Incredible to believe, incredible to use.
Picture in Picture technology. Mixer friendly. You got the power.
Imagine sending your graphics to a fully automated frame-accurate A/V mixer with up to 4 HD channels + embedded audio, all squeezable using DVEs.
Place HD/SD video inputs into your DVEs and choose the level of priority over graphics. Our GPU-based video engine will do alpha blending and field-aware HQ scaling in realtime.
ClassX solutions for CG and graphics are the perfect blend of power, flexibility, innovation and ease of use for hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world. The community of ClassX adopters has never been so strong, thanks to a new partnerships with leading broadcast companies as Pebble Beach and AP ENPS. ClassX is the right choice. ClassX applications are specialized in the Broadcast Industry by helping to ensure a complete management of media and graphics, both for live events and for data-based automated audiovisual content workflows as well as other critical environments. The new final v5.5 release includes the 4K resolution support as well as more than 50 relevant improvements.

ClassX srl, based in Italy, is a software house that produces high-performance, real-time broadcast graphics solutions

ClassX srl
c/o Villa Montecchio,
Via del Tiglio, 91 56012 Calcinaia (PI)
Opening hours for sales & support:
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:00
Time Zone CEST
UTC/GMT + 2 (Rome Time)
ClassX IBC Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020
Cap. Soc. €50.000 i.v.
Reg. Imprese di Pisa N. 01351840507
R.E.A. PI-116996
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