10 Dicembre 2019

Sport Graphics Rugby

Import/Export formation from CSV file
Just a click to import the formation data from a CSV file. Easy to do.

Support of static and animated team flags
Choose the best animated or static graphics resouces to enrich the graphic look. No limits.

Players info management
Show player information: name, surname, rule, picture, achievements and much more.
Timer, result and penalties
Game timer, result and penalties: all informations are under your eyes.

Adavanced formation management
Number, name, surname, rule, image and much more: everything is under your control.

Next matches list management

Manage the current and next matches list.

Match credits management
About commentary, producer, and more. Customizable from A to Z.
Presentation of the graphics
Get in on the match and introduce the competition. Easy and customizable.

Players substitution management
Select the out and in player, play the graphics.

Complete and partial match statistics
Shots out, shots in, corners, cautions, sending off and much more.

Referees management
Match officials. Just on click to be on air.
Tactical formation and substitues
Whatever the tactical formation or the number of substitues, the result is the same: exceptional.

Team coachs management

Press a button to show the first and second coach details.

Player caution management
Efficiency at the highest level: just a moment to run the graphics caution

Temporary and final classification
At any time the classification is always updated and available.
Goal scorer management
Goal after goal, all the informations are ready. Press a button and you´re on the air.

Team statistics management
Press a button to show the statistic that you wish.

Player sending off management
Out off the game, but not off the graphics: always on air with ClassX.

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