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The next evolution for live graphics at IBC 2013 booth 5.C02

20-06-2013 18:01 - Press Releases
The IBC 2013 will again this year promises to be an incredible meeting, a place for excellence in broadcast and video, in the middle of an unprecedented change that involves innovative programs on demand and or multi screen accompanied by new forms of digital multi-platform distribution over IP.

ClassX, well-known company with headquarter near Pisa, the reference - for over 20 years - in Italian and international market for the creation and airing of advanced graphics, at IBC is showcasing their latest solutions created with a desire to optimize the production and broadcasting of dynamic graphical contents for high-level areas of broadcast, cable, and multi-screen TV.
All graphics interaction takes place through animated 2D/3D graphic templates which easyly connect to external data sources with audio/video in real time.

The scalable and modular ClassX solutions allow broadcasters to prepare and then transmit on the air, in an efficient way, dynamic and integrated advanced graphics contents in SD and HD to customize any program and/or TV channel.

On show - therefore - at the booth 5.C02 at IBC the latest news signed ClassX ranging from a brand new suite of specialized software for sports production, to the airing of 3D/HD broadcast graphics synchronized with 4 simultaneous live video inputs completely independently and fully customizable in position and size.

The Sports Graphics suite, developed on the needs of the most famous sports broadcasters such as Italian RAI, is born as a specialist tool for the management of many sports disciplines, such as football, basketball, cycling, volleyball, tennis, hockey, rugby, boxing, billiards, water polo.
It is composed of two main modules: one for creating graphical contents and the other for managing and broadcasting the information related to the sports match.

The partnership with NewTek still continues, thanks to the full integration of the new version of the communication protocol iVGA that allows the transmission of audio/video sources over a LAN/WiFi from the NewTek TriCaster to a fixed or mobile devices.

The CG softwares used for the creation and airing of graphic assets are no less than five, accompanied by numerous add-ons among which we find the "SocialServer", a powerful manager of messages from Facebook and/or Twitter, and "Picture in Picture Manager", an advanced virtual mixer.

CoralCG is the excellent software for the creation of 3D multi-layering titling in real time; powerful and easy to use thanks to an interface based on drag & drop, it integrates advanced features such as multi-light, models import, shaders, camera movements, animated textures, and more.

CastaliaCG is the software used for the creation of live graphics titling based on a fully vectorial engine for the maximum definition of titles, with MultiKeyFrame Timeline. It can handle texts, 3D objects, import images and videos on which to apply graphical attributes, every kind of effect and movement on a path.

Liveboard is the playout module for all graphics contents, including audio/video media. It combines ease of use and flexibility thanks to an intelligent interface based on drag & drop and tabs.

Among the additional ClassX modules, the most successful ones may be seen at IBC, like "SocialServer" and SocialPlayer that allow to manage and display in real time - with ease and immediacy - incoming messages from Facebook or Twitter.
The brand new device "Picture in Picture", based on DeckLink cards, allow you to capture simultaneously up to four SD/HD live video input sources, apply Picture in Picture or DVE effects, and get an output of exceptional broadcast quality with SD/HD 3D graphics, AV sync with no frame latency.

DVE effects are fully controllable via scripts or via PiP Manager.
This latter, thanks to a mixer-friendly easy interface, allows to manage the broadcast of live video sources through the selection of one of the 8 fully programmable and customizable presets.

Giovanni Pallesi Chief Executive Officer of ClassX points out: "The IBC 2013 is the opportunity to show how it is still possible to improve operational efficiency, to achieve economies of scale and dynamic graphics with outstanding video quality in all Broadcast areas."

Michele Puccini, who is also Chief Executive Officer states: "Not by chance at IBC 2013 ClassX is showing the new 3D SD/HD graphics which are specialized for sports and for all those contexts where the keyword is "realtime" - as TGs or talk shows. We believe that the broadcast sector will continue to greatly appreciate our work."

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