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16 Gennaio 2021

Video Tutorials

ClassX continuously creates new tutorial videos and special contents for helping new and advances users in getting their Broadcast Graphic production and LIVE events managed as flawlessly as just possible with ClassX Apps. Please see the ClassX channel on YouTube for demo reels and selected multi-purpose tutorial videos. For deeper in-sight, please access your Dashboard Account, in the Tutorials section there are loads of specific videos that will help you get acquainted to ClassX Applications.

Moreover there is a long list of NEW, up-to-date webinars of all ClassX Apps on the Dashboard, here's the list:
  • May 27th 2020: New features of the 6.5 release
  • June 3rd 2020: CG Template Editors version 6.5
  • June 10th 2020: SocialServer and SocialPlayer: the workflow
  • June 17th 2020: ClassX SportsGraphics Live Match titling
  • June 24th 2020: ClassX MOS implementation
  • July 1st 2020: LiveBoard Mini: Broadcast Graphics the simplest way
  • July 8th 2020: Scripting Tool in LiveBoard
  • July 15th 2020: CoralCG, 3D vector graphic template editor for real-time broadcast graphics

YouTube Videos on the ClassX Channel
April 2020: Installation, user interface, example projects and quick content creation for LiveBoard Mini users

NDI integration in LiveBoard - march 2017
LiveBoard Mini introduction - January 2018
ClassX Mos configuration - June 2018
SportsGraphics Soccer Quick Guide - July 2018

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