01 Ottobre 2023

Adopt v.8 - special launch year promo

I have a v.4 LiveBoard...
Keep your ClassX hardware dongles in a safe place! They maintain their value over decades and ClassX re-values the licenses inside them indefinitely!
If you own a v.4 or earlier (v.1!) version of LiveBoard, CGPlayout and/or the Template Editors, you have valuable licenses for they can be upgraded to v.8 with a special 20% discount.
You'll need to upgrade the hardware as well, and what you get is a spectacular new edition of your old software.

I have a v.5 LiveBoard...
Lucky you, the moment has come to play out your graphics with LiveBoard v.8! Upgrade your hardware and take the opportunity to jump from v.5 to v.8 at the same price as if to upgrade to v.6! Only throughout the whole month of December 2022, seize the opportunity to save money while getting literally thousands of new features by jumping over a whole version! Your 10 year old v.5 sw can be reborn to a sparkling new graphic playout system at the same price as if upgrading to v.6. Only in December. Only in 2022.
I have a v.6 LiveBoard...
Extremely lucky you! You don't even need to upgrade your hardware! LiveBoard v.8 will be compatible with your v.6 hardware and you can grab the occasion to get a 20% discount on the upgrade price from v.6 to v.8. Why not adding some new features in order to invest right away the saved sum? Explore PIP, VIS and Content Playout, useful and creative plugins for your LiveBoard.

Seize the day... or rather the month of December 2022.

An exceptional opportunity for ClassX users with old and very old licenses of EOL editions of LiveBoard and even CGPlayout.
On December 2022, ask your ClassX reseller for the special upgrade price of your old licenses and take the advantage of the fabulous new LiveBoard release!
Check out the new v.8 features here.

  • Time limited promotion, available from December 1st - 31st, 2022
  • Only for license upgrade (not for CMA activation)
  • Compare your actual hardware with our v.8 system requirements to check compatibility

Turn your old installation into a brand new, feature-rich and modern Graphic Playout system, versatile and adaptable to any workflow.
Seize the day and upgrade with a special price this December.

  • CGPlayout can be upgraded to LiveBoard LE v.8
  • Template Editors, whether bundled or not, will be upgraded to v.8
  • LiveBoard is the King of graphic playout solutions, be amazed to use it in v.8

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