03 Ottobre 2022

AR - VR complete solution
LiveBoard XR and Coral XR are the two new ClassX products, that will be able to bring Augmented Reality and Virtual Set with Extended reality into any production, with the use of one sole hardware system: Elitium

The ClassX implementation of the AR - VR technology uses the components that our users know and the intuitive and easy ClassX workflow, appreciated all over the world. Our concept of being able to make and play out graphics the easy way, change data on the fly, change assets and inputs is maintained.

You do not need specialized engineers and programmers to be able to make a 3D text in AR or create a real-3D virtual sets and set up the whole solution; use Coral XR with its special-edition CoralCamera to furnish your virtual studio or use the 3 available virtual studio templates and modify them as you wish.

The powerful internal software chorma keyer of LiveBoard XR can be be selectively applied to any video input source; ten possible Video Input Sources mean 10 possible PTZ camera inputs for the same graphic AR-VR system. You can add one or more chroma keyed video objects to your live scene for a nice virtual interview.

Camera controls are built-into LiveBoard XR, the graphic templates with the tracked graphics will adapt to each camera as soon as it is chosen. This allows the proficient use of multiple cameras without the need of rendering unnecessary graphics.

3D objects can be independently animated and enter the live scene in any way, while the cameras pan and zoom on them. No limit to fantasy and application fields, indoor or outdoor, the augmented reality objects will be exceptionally easy to place and resize in real-time from within the LiveBoard XR positioning environment.

The real-time video filters allow to use the very same system for creating virtual sets in extended reality, where the chroma keyed speaker will have virtual objects behind and in front, virtually all around. This is incredibly easy to manage thanks to the operator-friendly ClassX workflow.

Multi channel LiveBoard XR: incredibly easy to manage, the GUI of LiveBoard XR allows the operator to manage the live graphics of up to 4 channels of this incredibly versatile live graphics tracking system; video inputs and the camera manager are shared among the four channels so that one 4-channel LiveBoard XR can render on four channels different objects (different Coral XR graphic templates), that all refer to the same active camera.

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