Virtual scenographies for the Italian Fashion TV show: Elitium by ClassX

NAB 2024 Daily Article 

Italy's main private broadcaster Mediaset has set up a virtual studio with three PTZ cameras moving on tracked televators and rails, entirely powered by one ClassX Elitium system and render engine. All camera SDI inputs and FreeD packages converge into the Elitium system.

The studio was intended to be used for a wide range of virtual productions and has been pretty much exploited since its opening in 2022.

One of the productions that regularly happen in this studio is the “X-Style” TV show, that has a weekly coverage and shows four virtual environments designed to add the perfect scenographic environment to the fashion and culture reportage presentation in every episode. All four environments can be easily loaded into the project and played out at wish for the production session.

We were quite surprised by the versatility of the ClassX Elitium system and happy that we could manage three cameras with one render engine. Many operators learned how to use the system and general feedback was quick learning and an intuitive GUI.”

said Massimo Vedovello, Designer of Broadcast & Production Technologies of RTI S.p.A.