Weather Solution

Your favourite weather forecast platform

Use your favourite weather forecast platform to download the main information you want to show live to your audience. Choose your city, how many days and how much information to show and connect those data to a ClassX graphic template created with your favourite Editor. CoralCG is one of the best for these purposes!

Have a look at the weather graphics in this 2017 Demo Reel

Dress your weather information with ClassX

Create your graphics template with ClassX CG and associated to each field your forecast information. ClassX is compatible with several datasource type such as JSON, XML, XLS, CSV, RSS, MYSQL, SQSERVER, ORACLE_SQL, MSACCESS.

The best XML structure

Connect every field of your template to an information generated by the XML file, JSON or the datasource you prefer. Open the Datasource Editor, select a type of datasource and file. When you finished to connecting all fields, you will havethe best weather solution for your broadcast.

Xquery in your hands

Create your query directy in Datasource Editor.
Click on the documentation button and the manual will open to create your Xquery.

Compatible with your favorite weather platform