Content Playout

An amazing LiveBoard plugin

ClassX Content Playout allows you to create a scheduled playlist of contents to be played out.  Plug yourself into a new media experience! Synchronize graphics, data and video clips. Together. Innovation behind the concept of Media-driven graphics automation.

Pure innovation

Create your media playlist (any codec accepted) and synchronize graphics and data with the ease of a modern and innovative user interface. Completely frame-synched and therefore can switch from clip to clip with a zero delay.

Performance with no limits

Realised as LiveBoard plugin, so it can be run in multiple instances with no limits. Create any number of FrameMarkers and address any of the contents of LiveBoard, in order to start/stop or even edit single fields of templates with the TemplateActions.

Video, gap, image, gfx template and pause

ContentPlayout is the easiest way to organize and broadcast your media including gap and picture. Create your playlist (any video codec and format accepted) and synchronize graphics and data together. Run the graphics templates automatically thanks to the innovative interface, where you can create any number of Frame Markers and address any of the contents of LiveBoard. Take the progress of your playlist under your eyes with two useful bars and four timers. Preview of current and upcoming media is included. Press play to start the new experience.

Get right to work, the cheapest way

Everything is so smooth and easy and Media-driven automation becomes a child´s play with ContentPlayout. It´s just graphics automation with ClassX style, at lowest price ever! Incredible to believe, incredible to use.

Designed to complement LiveBoard

ContentPlayout can easily change the Picture in Picture output configurations on a per-media basis. A media that you want to play full screen will squeeze the other contents into a corner, change or play graphics on the fly.

Complete information

With ContentPlayout, you can instantly have a look at all information about your asset: icon, status, name, file properties (with resolution, name, format, fps), actions and duration. The status icon helps you to see if the media file is ready, in error mode or in queue, pause and play. Customize the position of the elements using drag and drops gesture, then access to action panel and express your creativity.

More than one action: play, stop, edit

The asset actions editor is the core of ContentPlayout and it allows you to insert unlimited actions into the asset timeline. Feel free to interact with all LiveBoard contents: play, stop and edit the data values of graphics templates. Trim your clip with mark-in or mark-out. You are ready to go on air. It´s time to start.

What you see is what you get

A lot of settings for your media, give you the ability to deinterlace and set audio delay, volume, fill alpha, blend alpha, fit video, double buffer, high quality to increase the quality of decoding, and even change the appearance with fields polarity. Create, set, play.

SGL: maxium performance, always

Take advantage from your hardware with 64-bit Windows OS by running parallel on multiple cores. Multithreading and multi-processor software architectures are the building blocks of all ClassX Applications. OpenGL is the standard we adopted for graphics handling. This ensures unparalleled, unbeatable rendering speeds while producing top visual results. Discover the results of our efforts in developing with the most recent and productive technologies that are currently available.