SocialServer and SocialPlayer

SocialServer, SocialPlayer, and LiveBoard facilitate retrieving and managing social media content like messages and pictures from platforms like Telegram, SMS, and polls via services like NeverNo. Content is selected by social media managers, sent to SocialPlayer via TCP-IP, and played out with professional quality graphics.
Retrieve messages and pictures from social platforms easily: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, SMS... and manage your RSS or your poll with: NeverNo, PollEverywhere, Parterre.
Let your social media manager select and candidate the desired messages from any number of accounts created inside SocialServer on the supported social platforms while comfortably sitting in front of a laptop. Send the candidated messages to the SocialPlayer via TCP-IP and let the contents be triggered on air from there. This is only one of the many flexible scenarios that SocialServer, SocialPlayer and LiveBoard can have a role in. Flexibility, versatility and professional broadcast quality graphics.

Server and Player: made for each other. Connect and play.

SocialServer can handle any number of accounts of supported social platform types. ClassX's mission is to keep up with the constant evolution of social network API and flexible integration. This is why it is the only ClassX product to have an annual, internet-based network license.

Export messages to CSV/RSS/XML files
Import messages from CSV/XML/TXT files
Reads the Emojis
Multilingual badwords filter
ClassX SocialServer will do the download of social messages and pictures and who manages it will candidate the desired messages; you can have more than one SocialServer connecting to a SocialPlayer, who will trigger the contents on air through LiveBoard, LiveBoard LE, LiveBoard SCG or StealthCG.


Empower your event by creating a new visual experience; let everybody post messages using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to your wall. SocialWall allows you to create an interactive broadcast-quality social window, including moderation & advanced search.

Messages always ready to be played

SocialPlayer integrates everything you need, without sacrificing anything. Simultaneous connection to any number of SocialServer, automatic or manual broadcast of new messages, push notifications, instant update. Tricky? No, because it´s designed for you. And there is free, no license needed.

Catch your audience with an attractive background tailored to your event

Customize your SocialWall with custom graphics and effects to reflect your channel branding. Increase your social relevance and engage your audience. One single solution, easy to setup, affordable and cost effective. Set up, air, sit back and enjoy.

Get the best

Intelligent message handling, automatic or manual update, advanced text filter, multilingual bad word dictionary, import/export to CSV/RSS/XML and online SMS services. On air, with style.

Use Parterre and grab the audiences emotions.

Twitter is fun and easy to use, but the single message is submerged by all others in a moment. It´s now time to have an alternative way to express your TV audience´s opinion. Engage them all through a new exciting social experience, the Parterre second screen app. Display applauses, whistles, and generally votes from your audience´s smartphones instantly. Engage your public with a tailored app, perfect for your show.

Lots of features included

In SocialServer... scroll through the messages and select one to edit. The integrated badword filter notifies and automatically corrects unwanted messages and helps you to avoid mistakes.
Have you made a change but now want to go back? Don´t worry, you can always reload the original message again. The character count helps you to keep an eye on the length of the text that you will display on air.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more

View messages from a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts or do a hashtag search. Use Spreadfast streams. Import SMS, use online services and manage everything in a single window, all in front of your eyes. Drag´n´drop based. SocialServer, I like it!

Clean and easy

View and filter Tweets, Facebook and Instagram messages. Import SMS, Never.No or Spredfast streams and manage everything with the simplest drag´n´drop gestures. Ready.

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