ClassX complete turnkey solutions

ClassX provides turnkey solutions with optimal performance on selected hardware, offering careful selection, top performance for ClassX applications, 1-year CMA, and hardware warranty.
ClassX offers turnkey solutions for best ever performance on selected hardware. Whether it is a Rackmount or a Mobile Workstation, our engineers guarantee best setup and hardware combinations for the use with ClassX Broadcast Applications.

ClassX Workstations are 4U Rackmounts and are produced directly in the ClassX headquarters and can be personalized to fit any required specific need. Since installation and testing is all done, you only need to install it into your Rack, insert the license dongle and turn it on.

All ClassX workstations come with 1 year of CMA and 1 year of HW warranty.
Selected with care
1 year CMA
Best performance for ClassX Applications
1 year hardware warranty
ClassX offers various turnkey solutions tailored to production requirements
Elitium: the best solution for your AR-VR. It includes LiveBoard XR, Coral XR and the Picture-in-Picture option. It can be combined with a tracking system such as EZTrack© or with PTZ cameras with FreeD protocol. Elitium is able to handle up to 10 tracked video inputs. Refer here for more details.
LBStation HD or 4K: the perfect solution for your daily graphics broadcasting. It includes LBSuite or LBSuite 3D as main software bundle. Of course, it is possible to add other software or LiveBoard options depending on your airing needs. In fact, you can choose between SportsGraphics, SocialServer or NRCS integration with MOS.
Moreover, you can enrich your LiveBoard with the add-ons: Picture-in-Picture, ContentPlayout and VideoInputSwitcher. LBStation can be MULTICHANNEL, in fact it is able to handle up to 4 asynchronous fill&key graphics channels.