CG Template Editors

The smoothest definition for your live graphics, the easiest approach to broadcast animation ever.
A brilliant, razor sharp defined 2D vector graphic template editor for everyone.
The fastest path to live broadcast graphics. Squeeze the power out of your pixels creatively. This bitmap 2.5D graphic template editor will stun you with special effects on any picture or video.
Immagine the 3D vector template editor of your dreams. Turn your ideas into concrete, robust live broadcast graphics. Innovation is in front of your eyes, immersed into the real-3D environment where everything is possible.

What are Graphic Template Editors?

Sooner or later you'll want to optimize the way you create the graphics you show on air; you need graphic templates every time you want to show different data with the same looks; maybe the data is created in real time by an external application or is taken from a specific database or feed...
ClassX Template Editors all have an integrated DataSource Editor; this means you can associate any object in the graphic template (text box with letters, numbers, pictures, shapes, videos etc) to an external data source.

The types of data sources are: txt, csv, xls, rss, database (MYSQL, SQLSERVER, ORACLE SQL, MSACCESS), Social Network, JSON, XML, manual... and the good news is that it is all integrated into the Template Editors; no need to worry about purchasing an extra add-on.

Find out which ClassX Template Editor has the key spec that you were looking for. Bare in mind that the flexibility of ClassX applications is really great: you may open a project created in a different Editor from the one you are using. Try opening a CastaliaCG project in the real-3D Environment of CoralCG and adjust it to fit your needs with all the new properties you can apply on it. You'll be amazed.