Best of existing technology

PIP is a LiveBoard product option. We have combined the best of existing technology and set a new goal of perfection. This means that you can capture live SD/HD video, apply PiP or DVE effects and get an output of exceptional broadcast quality with 3D SD/HD graphics, AV sync with no frame latency. According to your needs, it's not necessary anything freaky or expensive. The software makes the difference.

In LiveBoard, with the VideoInput plugin, you can set up to 10 different PIPs between:
- SDI: Blackmagic, AJA or Bluefish444
- NDI® by NewTek
- Spout technology
- SharedFrame by ClassX
- DirectShow (i.e. a normal webcam on the workstation)
- LIBVLC for web streaming input and other
- CHROMIUM A simple framework for embedding Chromium-based browsers

Live video over or under the graphics

Place the video input where you want and choose the visual priority. It has never been easier than this. Get guaranteed, frame accurate capture for perfect AV sync. SD or HD video output without any trouble. Choose any format for your input video. Maximum compatibility and performance with field-aware.

10 Video Inputs shared among all channels

The same video inputs will be shared among all available channels in LiveBoard thus optimizing the engine. Video inputs can be of different nature and resolutions; the Video Input Manager allows the automatic high-quality up/down scaling of inputs to a common resolution with the setting of a simple flag and allows to equalize the master audio levels of the different inputs. High-quality upscale or downscale to common resolution can be set with a quick flag.

Live filters on video inputs

Any of the 10 video inputs can be modified with some clever and useful real-time filters. Color correction, saturation, hue, brightness and contrast are almost granted, but ClassX engineers always add more than the basics: denoise, higy-quality chroma key, masks and deinterlacing are conveniently easy to turn on selectively on the desired input.

Custom GLSL shaders on any Video Input

A superb and fancy feature is the custom GLSL shader, that allows the user to use presets or to create his own custom shader that will in real-time be applied over the video input. Add sparkles, lights, artistic effects of any kind by using the Editing window. Import and export your code with your specific real-time shader and set two values of your choice to the available sliders. Incredibly versatile!