ClassX and Antilatency: a technological partnership for excellent results

LiveBoard XR users can now use a simple and straightforward tracking system, either for following a broadcast camera position in space or for tracking a person or an object in a certain area covered by the Antilatency emitters-sensors system.

The actual version of Antilatency supports the Free-D protocol; integrating the tracking system therefore was easy for the ClassX IT engineers.

LiveBoard XR will come in its latest release with a preset for Antilatency in the drop-down menu of the Tracking Manager, in the general Preferences. Whether floor, ceiling or truss, choose the best setup option for your tracking area XR production with Antilatency.

The Antilatency preset in the LiveBoard XR Tracking Manager

Antilatency is an inside-out tracking system provider for VR/AR, Virtual Production, MoCap, Drones and Robotics that enables an unlimited multi-user experience within the tracking area without restrictions on scale or shape.
LiveBoard XR and Antilatency are a perfect binomial for real-time broadcast quality tracked Augmented Reality and Virtual Set

ClassX interview about Antilatency integration: a great tracking and AR-VR solution broadcasters

Have a look at the reel of our tests with LiveBoard XR and Antilatency ALT tracker - floor setup