2022 May 26th - Press Release

ClassX for HCTV: a flexible and reliable solution to content management

FOR-A Company announced the HCTV installation of LiveBoard SCG broadcast graphics software.

HCTV is the Henrico County, Virginia, Government channel and its production team has built an educational library on YouTube and on HCTV about news, programs, services, and much more of Henrico's general government.
Last fall, HCTV designed and built a new HD infrastructure and brought in the ClassX system. The design was planned and built around players, live streams, social media and real-time data, all going through LiveBoard SCG.

“The goal will be to make HCTV an extension of the great work of our whole PR team, keeping it current with the very latest content... ClassX is the primary tool that makes all this possible.”

“A big benefit is that, with scripting, I can not only receive TCP/IP commands to trigger anything in LiveBoard, but I can also easily send TCP/IP commands out to other software and devices. In the future, scripting could create a lot of workflow possibilities such as integrating ingest and file-management solutions tied into ClassX.”

“I also like that the ClassX solutions are divided into different tools. The workflow between the template editors and LiveBoard is seamless. It is clear that they have made a lot of wise design choices, and I believe the end-result provides a lot of flexibility in implementation. The ClassX OS design philosophy is ideal for our application. It is fun and intuitive and, for our needs, I feel like we now have endless possibilities. It has certainly improved the capabilities of our channel to constantly inform and be transparent to our residents.”

These are some of the HCTV Operations Engineer Michael Stoeckle's statements about ClassX broadcast software. He defines Liveboard as a high performance, reliable, easy to use solution to manage contents.

The current intention of Stoeckle is to air soon local government board meetings and press conferences live and in order to do this he has installed LiveBoard SCG with GPI, PIP, Video Input Switcher, all three template editors, and Social Server/Player. ClassX was added to HCTV's air-server and web-interfaced bulletin board software:

“It's very capable and has everything needed to run a whole bulletin board on its own, but for us, it plays nicely with other great tools. Three bulletin board zones go into LiveBoard on one video input, which is then cropped on three different layers to allow for interesting transitions from the bulletins into videos and dynamic templates.” (Stoeckle).

HCTV was very satisfied with the ClassX solutions, with the flexibility of their design, with the wise choices made during the creation of the software and chose to rely completely on them, as many other televisions have done before .

About ClassX

ClassX is an Italian IT company that develops high performance, reliable software and complex systems for graphics content management. Its prime product LiveBoard is known for being a powerful yet handy and user-friendly live CG application, flexible to be used with a myriad of output devices and always up-to-date with the latest technologies. The product range is vast and covers the needs of thousands of customers who daily use ClassX Applications all over the world.
Visit www.classxcg.com for more information.

About FOR-A

FOR-A, a worldwide, industry-leading manufacturer, offers a wide range of broadcast and production products with a focus on cutting-edge technologies, including: HD, 4K and IP products. FOR-A continues to offer future-ready, cost effective, advanced technology solutions. Visit www.for-a.com for more information.