Live Revolution: masterful integration between ClassX and Scoreboard OCR

LiveBoard's compatibility with diverse data formats like XLS, XML, RSS, CSV, and SQL, coupled with its user-friendly interface, offers broadcasters a versatile tool for enhancing live content.
The collaboration between ClassX and Scoreboard OCR revolutionizes live broadcasting by integrating real-time scoreboard data into dynamic visuals through ClassX's LiveBoard platform.


ClassX and Scoreboard OCR team up, blending dynamic graphics with precise data capture to elevate live sports broadcasting.


The partnership integrates real-time data into graphics, streamlining production and ensuring accurate, timely information.


This collaboration advances broadcast technology, providing new tools for engaging and informative visuals

The partnership simplifies integration, allowing a direct network connection between Scoreboard OCR and LiveBoard, ensuring synchronized content and accurate data display.

This synergy not only improves live broadcast quality and efficiency but also opens up new avenues for creative content production, redefining industry innovation standards.