LiveBoard Mini provides a simple solution for broadcast graphics playout in NDI® and SDI workflows, offering live titling, Picture-in-Picture, DVE effects, and
compatibility with various SDI output devices, powered by a real-time graphics engine. HD and UHD.

There are various versions of LiveBoard available, you can refer to the comparative table for more information

Easiest broadcast graphics playout for your NDI® or SDI workflow

All the most important features of a live titling CG software added to the opportunity to add NDI® sources for creating your live Picture-in-Picture and all the DVE effects that you wish. Construct the whole program with this little genious of a masterpiece and enjoy working with it by using it with its NDI® output device or use one of the many SDI video output devices supported by ClassX Applications. LiveBoard Mini has a real-time graphics engine allowing excellent broadcast graphics quality.

The power of a logical interface

LiveBoard Mini welcomes you with LiveBoard's usual user-friendly interface: each setting is easily accessible. The time you need to get acquainted to LiveBoard Mini is micro; learning/training is not an issue. It's a pleasure.

No limits, use your creativity

Manage your broadcast graphics on endless layers and create new layouts including audio or video clips and live graphics; there are no limits in the number of plugins that you can add.

This Demo reel entirely is made with LiveBoard Mini plugins, animation effects and FrameMarkers that trigger the play of other contents or groups of contents. The shown projects are included in the LiveBoard Mini distribution. The projects can be modified or used as is.

LiveBoard Mini easy playout of channel logos, creation of crawls in any language with various speeds and styles, in/out animation effects for integrated plugins, and use of MediaPlayer with automation features like MarkIn/MarkOut and FrameMarker.

LiveBoard Mini uses NDI® and SDI Technology in input and output

Up to 10 different LiveBoard Mini Video Input channels can be assigned to as many different NDI® sources. Open the MultiView to manage them.

The Output Device can be set to NDI®, SDI or VGA and the output resolution goes from custom to 4K, interlaced or progressive.

Get your data from everywhere

Enables connection of videos, pictures, tickers, and text plugins to external data sources like XML, RSS, CSV, TXT, and URL, allowing for data integration from local networks or the internet.


Great features for your channel branding

Apply your channel logo with a click. Create the smoothest crawls, any number of them, with different speeds and looks and information, in any language. Apply in/out animation effects on the Integrated Plugins, use the MediaPlayer with MarkIn/MarkOut and the FrameMarker Feature for some simple automations.

The Multiwiew panel in the LiveBoard Mini Prefs allows you to assign up to 10 NDI® streams from your network to as many LiveBoard Mini Video Input Sources

Choose among 15 integrated Plugins

  • endless layers of graphics
  • no limits on the numbers of Plugins
  • individual settings for each Plugin
  • adding animations and graphic attributes
Watch some video tutorials on YouTube to help you with installing LiveBoard Mini and creating projects