There are various versions of LiveBoard available, you can refer to the comparative table for more information

Both engines share the same output device and resources. Endless multi-layer support: each graphic content of both engines is managed into a single layer and can be mixed, sorted and overlayed on the same output.
The interface of LiveBoard SCG is composed of the LiveBoard interface and the StealthCG console
We decided to make the lives of broadcast manufacturers and integrators simpler by creating for them a set of OEM products that can provide the same performance, flexibility and reliability of our most advanced graphic engines, in SD, HD and in 4K.

All ClassX OEM products guarantee the maximum ease of use and integration even into existing applications, thanks to the availability of a clear set of protocols, technologies, development and distribution tools specially designed to minimize implementation and installation time.

LiveBoard SCG is a special, uttermost complete product that fuses two fantastic broadcast playout products into one Appliction: LiveBoard and StealthCG

The flexibility of LiveBoard together with the power of StealthCG blended in the same application. This solution integrates the versatility of LiveBoard to manage live events thanks to the excellent graphic user interface with the graphics produced by a video system automation through StealthCG.
StealthCG is designed for the easiest and closest integration level with any broadcast automation and playout on market. It supports a wide range of broadcast audio and video output devices and is capable of producing fully hardware accelerated top-class graphics in SD, HD and 4K resolutions.

StealthCG can play many MoreCG, CastaliaCG and CoralCG graphics templates at the same time with no limitations. At the same time, StealthCG can produce a/v output through parallel execution of ClassX LiveBoard plugins (a rich set of widgets that can run parallelly to the normal templates output: clocks, timers, tickers, slideshows, mediaplayers, etc).
StealthCG is actively developed and constantly improved by using the most advanced technologies available today: multi-core CPUs and high - end OpenGL - enabled boards will be exploited by StealthCG in order to produce the smoothest state of art broadcast graphics.