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StealthCG is a protocol-based application designed for seamless integration with third-party solutions, it is a top-tier graphic generator controllable via TCP/IP.
It features unlimited multi-layer support, compatibility with MoreCG, CastaliaCG and CoralCG templates, FrameLinkDriver technology and SGL graphics hardware acceleration for efficient performance. 
StealthCG can simultaneously run multiple templates and ClassX LiveBoard plugins, offering diverse outputs like clocks, timers, tickers, and slideshows. Leveraging the latest multi-core CPUs and high-end OpenGL boards, StealthCG is under continuous development to deliver premium broadcast graphics.

Integrate the power of ClassX graphic engine into YOUR application with StealthCG, the most advanced graphic generator remotable by TCP/IP.
  • Endless multi-layer support
  • Integrated with MoreCG, CastaliaCG and CoralCG templates
  • Supports FrameLinkDriver technology
  • Supports SGL graphics hardware acceleration
  • Easy to use control interface
StealthCG is designed for the easiest and closest integration level. It can play many MoreCG, CastaliaCG and CoralCG graphics templates at the same time with no limitations. At the same time, StealthCG can produce a/v output through parallel execution of ClassX LiveBoard plugins (a rich set of widgets that can run parallelly to the normal templates output: clocks, timers, tickers, slideshows, mediaplayers, etc).

StealthCG is actively developed and constantly improved by using the most advanced technologies available today: multi-core CPUs and high - end OpenGL - enabled boards will be exploited by StealthCG in order to produce the smoothest state of art broadcast graphics.