ClassX Broadcast Applications v6

ClassX Dev is a special department in the ClassX company, grouping eclectic and visionary developers and software architects. One year of development and testing, but ladies and gentlemen ClassX Dev now presents the major upgrades and efficiency improvements of the last five years.

6.6. expresses in a simple number twenty years of experience in creating cutting-edge applications and solutions for graphics in the Broadcast field. 

The modernization and update of the functionalities that already started with the previous versions, finds consolidation and concretization in this new release.
Always attentive to the needs and requirements of our users, we have enriched CBA with tools and functions aimed at a more extensive use in creative fields where performance, flexibility and extreme reliability are essential characteristics in a modern production workflow.
The new CBA (ClassX Broadcast Applications) 6.6 is therefore the result of a constantly accelerated evolutionary process in which technological innovation becomes the engine and fundamental component at the basis of the increase in performance and functions on which our users can now rely on.
It was born in the early years 2000 as a real-time graphic engine, 20 years later LiveBoard has become a platform that handles graphics, data, media, scripts, and live video I/O, therefore we call it now the Broadcast Graphics OS.

LiveBoard, the ClassX Template Editors and the many accessory plus free tools make all together a professional environment for handling and playing out broadcast graphics and media.

CBA 6.6 is an elaboration and extension of version 6.5. For all users that haven't yet made the upgrade to version 6.5, you may find the article describing the features and improvements by clicking the link below.
User Experience of CBA 6.6 explained by Michele Puccini, director of ClassX Dev and putative father of LiveBoard:

"CBA has always represented the state of the art, the perfect fusion of simplicity, efficiency and richness of performance. In ClassX we have always invested energy, resources and ideas to create applications that are easy to use, safe and reliable, without sacrificing but rather by amplifying the production possibilities of users. 
In version 6.6, further improvements have been introduced, starting from a more efficient dock management, to an improved look, to an absolutely innovative and efficient preview management system. CBA 6.6 is even available as a Portable App, with no installation required."
What yesterday was strictly linked to a wire-based production and distribution model, today has made a quick leap towards the network. Words like streaming, remote-production, IP and coding are making more and more space in the vocabulary of broadcast and beyond.
For the these reasons, CBA 6.6 actually extends its application field to further sectors than the "simple" production of real-time broadcast graphics in which, however, it continues to excel without comparison.
LBStation MAX. The new ClassX Graphics Powerhorse

Giovanni Pallesi, co-founder and CTO at ClassX proudly expresses his views on 6.6:
"Here is the reason behind the targeted development of extensions aimed basically at the management of input and output video streams, in any format, up to the implementation of a real 3D videomixer equipped with an interface as simple as it is effective for management. of transitions between different streams."
"We add that CBA 6.6 can also work in videocard-less mode, without the need to install dedicated video hardware; fully supporting virtualization with the most common VMs."

So let's see below the TOP 12 reasons to upgrade to ClassX Broadcast Applications 6.6

#1: v6.6 exactly doubles the performance of v6.5, on the same hardware

CBA 6.6 handles a multitude of different arguments related to broadcast graphics
LiveBoard is able to play out YOUR media in ANY format
Fully parallel CPU/GPU graphics architecture
  • doubles the performance compared to the previous version
  • lower memory impact
  • CPU is freed up for calculation of graphic templates and media encoding/decoding
  • event better output quality
⏵The new graphics engine is revolutionary in every aspect. Optimized, effective and absolutely stable. Based on OpenGL 4.x and on the most modern techniques of distribution and parallelization of computations between CPU and GPU.
⏵Doors open to multichannel (up to 8 FullHD channels with the same machine) and flawless 4KUHD in 12G, 2SI, SQD.
⏵Support for the new BlueFish444, AJA, BlackMagic output devices with extensive use of DMA (direct memory access) techniques capable of maximizing machine performance by freeing the processor from processing costs.
⏵New distribution system, runtime and adoption of the most recent and optimized development tools (VS2019, C/C ++, Java15) and the most up-to-date video technologies available.
⏵Extended support for Unicode 13.0
⏵New media handling, improved A/V sync accuracy.
⏵Hundreds of improvements and implementations for greater stability of use. Exhaustive debugging and quality control.
With a view to a consolidation of performance and a profound extension of the application possibilities, the pre-existing functions have been further improved and expanded.

#2: Still frame grab & real-time recording of the output

Thumbnails and preview icons of templates and projects but not only that. You can grab stills directly by quickly pressing the dedicated new button on the LiveBoard GUI.
⏵useful for creating stories and previews
⏵you can create a project icon directly from the LB output
⏵icons become project and template metadata (no more external files)
⏵the metadata are stored in the ProjectPacker files

Need to export a short video sequence instead? Try the newly improved "export" function, always available in the upper toolbar of LiveBoard; the new Exporter will save your avi codec preferences and you only need to quickly press on "Capture" in order to real-time grab the video of whatever you are playing out in that moment from LiveBoard. Easy and incredibly useful, always available and not disturbing the smoothness of your output.

New LiveBoard 6.6 allows you a perfect real-time recording of your output
The output device frames can be grabbed either as still images or as avi videos
Recording the output now is a quick action that does not disturb the oputput smoothness
There is a new button on the upper bar of the LiveBoard interface for a quick snapshot grab

#3: Integrated WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Both LiveBoard and Template Editor text objects now have an integrated HTML text editor

Mixing bold, italic, font type etc in a Media Text will be no issue any longer. Creative ClassX users from all over the world, enjoy this new tool in LiveBoard and Template Editors.With CBA 6.6, What You See Is What You Get!
Remember to switch the text rendering mode from OS compatible to "ClassX Default" before opening the HTML editor and have fun with your text creativity.

⏵Integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor in LiveBoard and the Template Editors
HTML support, fonts, colours, alignments and tags in text objects

The new HTML editor panel is available for every text object, in LiveBoard and in the Editors
Mix font .ttf font types and attributes in the same text area freely

#4: Horizontal Ticker now can scroll vertically

In the past release, CBA 6.5, we introduced the mask feature on the ticker plugin. Now, the Horizontal Ticker is enriched with the vertical scroll feature. Our Asian users will be happy to find this feature in the update and also LiveBoard Mini users will get this feature on their update. Just check the flag, set the new ticker area in the positioning panel and enjoy the vertical scroll.

Tick the checkbox in the settings panel and the text will automatically flow upwards orderly
The well-known Horizontal Ticker can be set to scroll vertically in LiveBoard 6.6

#5: SocialServer now supports Telegram

SocialServer is now enriched with a new social platform: Telegram!
Images, voice messages and videos included!
SocialServer is the only license in the ClassX Broadcast Applications to have a yearly validity instead of lifetime. Reason for that is the high amount of development maintenance needed to keep up with the ever faster changing Social Platform API and features. From version 6.6 on, your Social Media Manager will have a new account option inside SocialServer, where the Telegram messages arriving to a Telegram Account (phone number) will populate the "received" column and be automatically processed by the in-built and customizable badwords-filter. From the Telegram account, SocialServer will be able to download also images, stickers, animations, videos and voice messages. All these elements can populate your Social Template loaded into LiveBoard (one or more!) and be triggered on air through SocialPlayer.

⏵review of all supported social platforms
⏵new social platform: Telegram (images, text, stickers, videoclips)
⏵support for new emoticons

#6: VideoInput 2, process your video inputs with filters/masks/resize

The new Video Input Filters are available in the VI settings panel by pressing the "FX" button
The new VideoInput implementation expresses the creativity and practical intelligence of ClassX Developers. Open the VideoInputManager and assign your inputs to the 10 possible sources; in the same panel you'll find the "FX" button that opens the filters list that can be applied on the selected VI. Denoise, Green Screen, Colour correction, Mask (apply a b/w image), Pixelize (if you need to blur it), Deinterlace, Alpha premultiply (for best results with transparent video inputs and Green Screen). All this can be remotely controlled with the new LB protocols, of course.
this long list of effects can be set custom on each video input.. SDI, NDI®, VLC or colorbars
The new VideoInput at a glance:

⏵fully OpenGL accelerated
⏵new VideoProcess
TOP CLASS greenscreen
⏵Realtime beauty filter (denoise)
⏵Fully scriptable and protocol controllable
alphaMask, colour correction, deinterlace, denoise, ..
⏵new support for BlueFish input
⏵new MultiView monitor in dock
⏵advanced audio controls
⏵possibility to see the preview of a VideoInput via tooltip in the Manager window
automatic adaptation of the video resolution to a reference resolution

A top-quality green screen filter with 4 customizable parameters comes along this upgrade. Try it.

#7: The NEW VideoInputSwitcher (VIS)

Multiview and VideoInput Switcher have new LiveBoard panels, minimized when not needed
The NEW VideoInput Switcher has an easy interface and a special panel that will always be available

Crazy what software can do for you in the Broadcast Graphics Industry; imagine having set 10 possible Video Input Sources and in LiveBoard a new optional plugin called VideoInputSwitcher (VIS). Create a VIS, place it either full screen or smaller wherever in the screen area you wish it to be and enjoy switching your 10 inputs inside that area. A gorgeous possibility for your LIVE events!

The ClassX VideoInputSwitcher at a glance:

⏵is a complete multilayer mixer, 2D / 3D with single channel preview
⏵comes with of a large library of free 2D / 3D effects, that can be modified with your CastaliaCG or CoralCG Template Editors
⏵is fully scriptable and protocol controllable (documentation is up-to-date!)
⏵VideoInputSwitcher on your smartphone or tablet: * FREE * App VISController
⏵Let users CREATE their very own 2D/3D effects in minutes!!
⏵For more information on VIS, click the link below

#8: The new Multiview Panel in LiveBoard

The new Multiview Panel is available in every LiveBoard, from LB-Mini to LB-SCG

This NEW panel is a structural novelty in every LiveBoard Edition. Starting from LiveBoard Mini and up to LiveBoard SCG, LiveBoard members now all have a new panel, the MultiView. It is a passive info panel, not associated to the selected content, showing at any time in real-time thumbnail-sized animated preview of the 10 possible VideoInput Sources that you have set in the Video Input Manager (Preferences). 

You can keep it minimized to the left if you don't need it, of course. Use it together with VIS for a absolutely quick LIVE real-time control of your Video Inputs.

Multiview and VideoInputSwitcher can be arranged in any way that is convenient to the operator

#9: The NEW real-time preview channel in NDI®

Any content in Edit mode in LiveBoard is now streamed over NDI® on a separate channel (board)

New LiveBoard Editions always add something useful for the broadcast workflow. This specific feature allows the constant check of the graphic object being previewed by streaming it in the local or dedicated Network in NDI®. The preview stream is high quality, completely separate from the main output device and can be set in the Preferences panel. It is also available from the ClassX Template Editors as an evolution of RTView.
It optionally can bear the content name information and project resolution. Well and what if I wanted a preview in SDI? As simple as that, ClassX always has a solution to every workflow; add a Mini Monitor SDI or HDMI output device to your workstation and use the free converter tool offered by ClassX to convert the NDI® Preview into SDI or HDMI on that separate board. Easy and free.

The NDI® preview stream can be viewed from any Studio Monitor in the local Network

#10: CastaliaCG and CoralCG Templates can be moved AND resized in the Positioning of LiveBoard

Move and resize CastaliaCG and CoralCG templates from LiveBoard Positioning Panel

A wonderful new form of flexibility for Operators and Graphic technicians. The new 6.6 LiveBoard allows moving and resizing of the vector graphic templates in the LiveBoard Positioning Panel. Also all included assets such as video inputs, avi videos, images and every single object (fonts!!!) is proportionally resized, making a SD to HD / HD to 4K migration easy as a drag and resize. A fantastic news that will make you love this edition, no exceptions.

CastaliaCG and CoralCG templates are vector editors and therefore can be moved and resized

#11: New MOS HTML Plugin for a flawless NCS integration

New HTML5 plugin for the remote template management by journalists
This new interface for the work of Journalists is fresh, modern and cool. Whether they have a Windows, MacOS or Linux, the Journalists can run this flexible little jewel of a professional working program to retrieve and populate graphic templates on ClassX MOS Server.
The ClassX MOS graphic system therefore is one of the most up-to-date and cross-platform available on-market in this actual moment. Try to believe the real-time template scrub. Superb!

The MOS workflow is composed of ClassX MOS Server, Gateway and the new HTML5 MOS plugin
#12: SportsGraphics new features
All Stand-Alone versions of SportsGraphcis now have a new button for opening the Main Output Device

SportsGraphics has a set of new features that actual and future users will appreciate very much;

⏵Every Stand-Alone edition now has a Main Output Device panel that can be opened at need in order to see the graphics that the operator is playing out in real-time
⏵The SportsGraphics Volley App (and Stand-Alone) has been implemented with a special interface that allows the operator to connect to the centralized Data Providing System and allows instant retrieving of Match Data and Statistics
⏵The SportsGraphcis Soccer App now allows the inserting and playing out of match data in two languages. Insert player names in both languages separated by a pipe symbol in the setup panel, modify the timelines and add the new text objects in the graphic templates and allow the magic to happen! Enjoy the match titling in two languages.

SportsGraphics: the easy way to get data from Volley Matches

Enjoy the implementation of this Data Integration done by ClassX Dev. This short video initially shows the Setup panel of the SportsGraphics Volley app with the new interface connecting to "Lega Volley Femminile"; afterwards it shows the Main panel, bearing the real-time information coming from the Data Provider. Like we did for this League, we can connect to centralized data from any Sports having such service.

SportsGraphics: support for dual-language graphics templates

This video shows SportsGraphics Soccer now playing out all Match Data in two languages for each graphic template. Very useful for double-language-countries or international matches where match data and accessory words should be displayed in two languages. Also player names can be set to double language, by adding a "pipe" symbol between the same name in two languages. LTS and RTL supported, nothing is left to chance.

Moreover, minor and major other new features and improvements in CBA 6.6
Apart form the above mentioned top reasons, there are generic application improvements to the whole distribution that add even more motivations to upgrade:

⏵hundreds of cleanups and improvements across the ClassX platform
⏵update of all connected technologies (NDI®, VLC, ..)
⏵OpenGL accelerated canvas for all template-editors and previews
⏵VideoInput objects usable directly in template editors
⏵possibility to share a content among more LiveBoard groups with ProjectPacker
⏵new protocol commands LBCONTROL and STEALTHCG
⏵new Main Output Preview for SportsGraphics
⏵ContentPlayout renewed: it is now possible to modify the playlist even if it is running
⏵Video Input Manager now has two new inputs:
- SPOUT (locally or apps using this technology)
- DIRECTSHOW (webcams and other devices connected to the workstation)
⏵check the long changelog every time you download CBA update from the Dashboard!
CastaliaCG real-time effects on multi-text unicode strings

Here is an example of what CastaliaCG vector graphics template editor is capable of. Note the custom curved path that the multi-language text object is following smoothly, while maintaining the correct LTR or RTL format and the character-per-character cascade effect plus the sparkling animation effect.

All previously released features of 6.5 are of course included...

ClassX offers a SLA called CMA (ClassX Maintenance Agreement)

Wait! There's more. Got a previous version?

Your investment in ClassX solutions is GUARANTEED. You can upgrade to the very latest 6.6 version NOW from any previous version. Contact your dealer to ask for a quote.
Moreover, if you choose to stick with a previous version:
CBA 6.4 is EOL but will stay available on the Dashboard account as latest download for licenses that have no upgrade to v.6.5.
CBA 6.5 will go EOL on June 1st, 2021. It will stay available on the Dashboard after that date but there will be no updates to it any longer. 6.5 users can update for free to the new 6.6 if their CMA is active.